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for single unit we don’t make belt version esc for this swap battery kit because the esc inside is mass produced with hub version esc, the esc pcb is not same size with out belt version esc, so changing to belt version is not available for us for small orders, we do customization with MOQ of 10 units.


Thanks for the info, your swappable battery is really cool.


Check this video
Charge is at 48% but it still shows full battery under load.
Something is not as it should as this is not the case with the other esc I ordered for my other build.

So i also noticed that you changed the design of the v1.1 esc?
Could you perhaps tell us what changes has been made? :slight_smile:
Old esc

New esc


@diyeboard Jason, I would like to build AT board. At the moment I have two of below motors and would like to get your Truck, mount and wheels - basically whole AT kit without the motors.

My motors are 6355 190KV 10 mm shaft.

Do you think my motors will be compatible in terms of size and bold spacing? Those motors are sourced from China, I think you are familiar with them.

My set up is 10S lipo with dual focbox - for this reason, I was looking for lower KV motors. Also, mine are sensored. Do you offer sensored 180KV - I read you can swap standard 270 KV for 180 KV in the AT kit?


Good luck my friend…I’ve been figuring this out for months now


Me too! Always when I think I’ve got it, there is catch! :wink: hopefully I can use my motors.


The only motors I’ve found that I think would work would be the 5065 Maytech motors that are 170kv


can you upload the video to this website, we are unable to open the youtube now due to the China gov block the vpn.
the improvements is the PCB changed and firmware updated, more stable and more solid.
about the details I need to confirm with our technician, you know we are on CNY holidays and technicians all off duty now.
I will ask them after CNY holiday ends on Feb 26th.
you can remind me of this.
there’s possibility the old one you made the DIY change with new indicator thus the battery indicate not in coordinate with the battery, the soldering position is very complicated, it is beyond my knowledge so far.
may be the remote pcb not perform same as several times of falling down will make the pcb inside some small broken.
you can change to bind new remote for comparision and plug off your diy indicator for test.
for details i suggset after CNY holiday ends.


the motors can’t fit our motor mount of the 9’’ AT truck due the space.
our motor mount only fit 50 motors.
we use dual 5065 motors on our at truck kit.
dual 5065 motors are very powerful, there’s no need for upgrade the motors.
and we focus on stock mass produced kits and parts, we need time gradually develop some kits that suit more proffessional built needs.
and our belt esc no need sensor because we use FOC firmware, the starting torque is same with sensored motors and reponse time better.
anyway our esc support sensored motors, we have sensor plug on esc, but not sure other motor sensor plug compatible with out plug, and motor sensor angle too much difference will affect the performance.
we strongly recommend using our motors with our esc to achieve the best stable performance.


The issue is with the first kit I bought from you and it’s been like this always.
If you read the first review I made of the 10s2p I do mention it there.
It’s the complete diyeboard kit 10s2p the battery indicator don’t work on


Thanks for the reply. Has anyone tried to use AT kit with supplier motors and run it on Vesc/Focbox with 10S? I’m just wondering if it will work. @ATLesk8 @Bjork3n


Don’t run 270kv on vesc and 10s.
Use 190kv if you want to use vesc :slight_smile:


It’s risky mate. You can but you could go beyong the ERPM limit


You can with a vesc6 or equivalent based on the same BOM, but even so it would not make any sense.
If you want a proper AT build, you’d want to stick with a motor that is below 190 KV and has a proper gear ratio (say 15T/72T). Higher KV and a different gear ratio will seriously compromise your torque. With that kind of power/torque, you’d also want a motor mount that offers adjustable belt tension.

If you will not be doing serious offroading you can give it a shot, but it might even slow you down on grass.

p.s. your motors are better suitable for AT as opposed to 5065. Most even use 6374. You’ll be happy with sensored, because even with FOC you will have cogging on start-up, especially when going uphill. The vesc typically does not suffer from the downsides mentioned, because it switches to sensorless after a certain RPM.



Thank you for the info!

I actually have 70T from @Idea so I should be good.

Now all I need is a long enough truck and mount that won’t break a bank. I won’t be going with my board into mud or forest too often if ever, so my motors should be more than enough. Does want one know any good value for money trucks and mounts for 6355 motors ? I’m looking to make AT longboard so Trampa hardware won’t work.


Hmm, the stuff from @idea typically fits a specific hub?


Shoot! You’re right hahah, I bough them to fit trampa pneumatics. I have to shoot him an email to see if they are getting longboard truck that can take their wheels.


That or you will end up with an interesting mix of Trampa hubs/wheels & your own bearings (I guess for a 8/10 mm axle, where trampa is 12).


@diyeboard AT kit has 60T … not too bad I guess.I think my 6355 motor would fit in 9inch truck if they fit longer 5065 suplied in the kit.

Could I use with AT kit the below mount ? It works with 63 motors. Is it the same mount that is laready supplied?


do calculate the top speed difference :slight_smile: when using a lower KV as opposed to what diye uses, your top speed will suffer when using the same gear ratio.