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Their ESC run on FOC and seems to be not limited by ERPM like VESC on BLDC. Currently their 55mm motors are 270kv on 10s with no issues. But, it seems to limit the RPM of motor. For hub version, the topspeed is limited at 22mph. With belt ESC you can play around with the gear ratio, but the limit is there.


Hi jason,
Do u think you will sell bigger size replacable PUfor these hubs ?

Like 90 or 97 mm… or even launch a 90 mm more powerful version of this one. This could be great solution against mepo hubs


impressive delivery time for my urgent belts package !

Monday, February 05, 2018 Delivered
Sunday, February 04, 2018 EAST MIDLANDS - UK
Thursday, February 01, 2018 Location Processed at SHENZHEN - CHINA


Yeah their shipping method is really good!


agreed, I really liked getting my mech kit before the battery kit, almost ideal for building :slight_smile:


Somewhere around 150-170. They can be used at any kV but this is the optimum range for maximum torque before the esc limits the speed, which seems to be around 6400rpm.


Have had this happen to me as well. Changed esc, lower motor kv rating and mounted on a big heat sink. 2nd esc has been fine. So far. Will be trying the first failed esc under the same conditions soon.


What kv are you using?
And gearing?


Same gearing on both setups, 15/32. Went from 236kv to 200kv. Just dropped down again to 140kv as the throttle curve on this esc cant be changed. Even at 200kv it is too aggressive for me. Also i want to use pneumatic tyres as well so 140kv will help with torque


Hi @diyeboard Jason
So as you know one of the kits i have with the esc v1.1 the battery indicator never worked on both board and remote, it shows full battery all the time even if battery is empty.
Since it’s winter here and I’m not able to ride I was thinking of trying to fix it, do you have any suggestions on how to fix this?
What to look for? What could be faulty?


when will you start selling this vesc


Thanks jebe. Yeah I’m gonna try to do the same mods and see what happens.


hey jason, will the swappable battery kit, (i know its for hub) can be used with this, or chnage esc with that new one?


You would have to change the esc to a belt one and the battery isn’t really powerful enough to drive that kit.


sorry for my late reply, we are on CNY holidays now and seldom check forum message here, only email check everyday.
do you mean the remote battery indicator?
the first indicator is signal indicator, the other three are battery indicator for the board battery in roughly percentage.


i quite agree with @Jreamer, the battery power is not enough for dual belt kit since belt kit consume 2 times power than dual hubs do.
when speeding up and climbing the performance is not good as 10s2p and 10s5p does.
that’s why we make it only for dual hubs.


we currently only sell the 83mm for this hub motor with swappable wheel sleeve.


Both the one on the esc case and controller shows that the battery is full even when it’s not.
So when the battery is dead the indicator on the remote and esc shows full charge. See picture, battery has 32% charge but remote claims it has full charge.
It shows full charge always.


Thanks man, the fast swap is really cool and neat, i know about the battery consumption coz the board will not be used for speed and uphill ( already build a board for that) just for cruising in park, it is possible just change the esc for belt one if i buy it. if im not mistaken it says the description the dual motor is recomended 6s-12s battery.


the remote battery indicator is a rough indicate, it indicates when board in operation, when board stay still the indicator won’t work well, you can do some tests and comparision you will know the difference.