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ok, send the video address here also so we can check it.
the belt drive left and right has tension difference so it can’t stay exactly same once you brake it, there’s motor mounting screws you can check them and tighten them up.
the first video you sent is not a good one show the problem, it mostly show the pairing you don’t succeed because of wrong operation.
you can share that video address too on here so everyone can check.
we have been very responsive to your case as it is very simple only need a video for what we asked for so we can diagnose but it is been a month you just don’t willinh to cooperate, i know you are not happy now, we are not too, because you don;t show repect as we email you and asked you email us and you don’t. just again and again post here without a necessary video posted.
we just want to help and make your case diagnosed and replacement solution made precisely per video check, please understand and provide it.


today is the last day of our office work as I told you in emaik, and still can make issue solved before CNY holiday within 3hours, all shipping company are closed now due to CNY holiday coming, anyway if you provide video within 3hours and we diagnose if esc problem we send you one today by another shipping way though it is hard and cant make sure can make it in time.


here is a email you sent to me on Feb 3rd.

You have been very responsive to messages and I would rather email you here than publicly on the forum. As you know from my San Diego address wintertime temperatures are not an issue. This issue happens immediately upon startup and it is the factory that my board keeps accelerating, even when I take my finger off the remote/throttle. You can see this in the video I recorded. You keep sending me the same checklist to look at the motor connection and esc connections. I have already done this, and everything seems to be fine. I would like to take care of this before you close for the Chinese new year, as my board has been a great mode of transportation to work until this problem started. Please let me know how we can get this resolved. I will even take my posts off of the forum, as I love your product and it has never had any problems before this. Thank you for your time.


Jason I have been very polite with you. Members on this forum have been very helpful with me and I would like them to be aware of the issue because it is a potential danger to riders. To clarify, you would like me to turn on power switch to board, then turn on remote. Then you would like me to go full throttle for a few seconds and break and repeat the process a few times? I am happy to do this I just don’t see how that would accomplish demonstrating that the throttle sticks(keeps accelerating when I let go of the switch on the remote) every once in a while while I am riding. I will do this for you though, no problem. When the wheels aren’t on the ground it also creates alot of vibration which I’m certain can’t be good but I trust your judgement as the manufacturer. Let’s keep our interactions civil I have never been rude to you or unwilling to help you. I work, not just able to do eskate all the time. It is a hobby and transportation for me not my profession.


thank you, you know i didn’t ignore any of your email and post here, and we reply very fast and seriously helping on it and want to fix the problem for you, a video is very necessary so our technician can diagnose so the replacement solution can be precise.
we trust you but just you don’t know the board well for now, we need to check by video.
do excatly the video we asked for,
We are not asking you a video for during the riding, just make board unloaded when not riding and lay it upside down, make video in high speed and remote control it in accelerate and braking, it won’t be too hard.
without the video i can’t proceed the replacement work here, the technician must need this.
be quick and you can share the video address here so other people can help you diagnose too since amny of them are very proffessional and used our kits for months.



by the way, you know we are company, every company has rules , especially in handle after sales. check it with boosted, we are much quicker and more reponsive, reply within minutes or hours.
just look at the chat history and posts here you made, I spent 10times than to regular case thant to your simple case, we still very repsonsive.


thanks for the video, that’s what we asked for. our technician checked here too.
let’s other customers or forum members here make a judgement here too.
the video shows everything operating perfectly well.
and suggestion for you:
it is a board, need periodically maintenance, belts not in alignment then adjust it well, your repositioning is wrong, you need make belts on wheel pulley and motor pulley same alignment then adjustment can be succeed.
you just repostion on wheel pulley, it doesn’t work this way.
and check the motor screws that lock onto the motot mount, tightend them all.
we are responsible and honest seller, we cover the warranty if board has problem, but yours from the video working amazingly in good condition.
if you just want a esc free, i can make a free one for you as a gift, but not for the case.
i can personnaly buy one from our company just finish this headache time comsuming case.


Jason I have tried adjusting it on motor pulley and wheel pulley. The belt always returns to it’s regular position. I can make a video of this if you would like. I also saw that the board appears to be in normal working condition. That is the definition of intermittent. I did not say it happens every time or else I would not step foot on the board. It only happens sometimes which is what I said right off the bat. That is why I was not sure what a video would demonstrate. Even if it did happen during that video you would not be able to tell, nor could you determine the extent to which it is happening because the wheel keeps spinning from inertia after I take my finger off the trigger. If I had a device that could sense the rpms I might be able to display that is still accelerating after I let go, but I do not have such a device. Please trust that it has not only thrown me off several times after a month of use, and years of skateboarding, it has also kept accelerating into my girlfriend’s heels, traffic, etc. Luckily nobody has been seriously injured. I have been perfectly clear that the board worked great for the first month and I got used to riding it. This issue just started happening the day I posted about it. Thank you again for your time, I hope we can get this resolved.


I do not want a free ESC, I just want to fix this issue so the board operates as it did when I first purchased it. I’m guessing it could be one of the motors as well, so I’m not sure if a new esc would fix it. I can try my best to capture it continuing to accelerate while I am on the board but I would need several cameras to display this for you in a video. Like I said the problem is intermittent, and happens when I least expect it which is why it is dangerous. It is unpredictable and can happen when I am riding around a pedestrian or a vehicle. It has happened in that situation and nearly caused a collision. If the board were operating correctly as it did the first month it would be as simple as riding around the person or car and continuing to smoothly ride down the street. I never said it happens every time I press the accelerator. As @Bjork3n said " Yeah this is some serious stuff, very dangerous.
I know i would be terrified if the board kept going after i let go off the throttle.
Jason you should sort this out for Pusher, must be a faulty esc or remote." There is no way for me to make a video of an issue that only occurs occasionally, and puts me in great danger when it does occur.
Another forum member gave solid advice of “good call stay off the board” and another “making a video could be potentially life threatening” I think you are failing to understand the term intermittent, and the fact that it is nearly impossible to capture on video even if it happened once per day.
Here is another example of an incident that happened to another member of this forum, allbiet on a different board. “Im sitting here on the couch with hands, elbows and hip with no skin because of something like this. In my case, the remote stopped responding and the ESC went full throttle, i had to bail at about 30km/h. Im still trying to figure out what went wrong, but until i can be 100% sure it wont happen again the board is staying in the closet.” If you really are the manufacturer and my board is made with A grade parts, I can’t imagine the potential accidents that could happen to people that are buying the b grade parts and boards like the Ancheer board that is on Amazon right now. Please think about this before accusing me of lying or telling me the board is working perfectly when it is not. A short video cannot display a problem that only happens from time to time.


I am actually surprised. The wheels are nicely balanced compared to my board/not nearly as much vibration as my 8’’ pneumatic.

Language barrier is a constant issue it seems. @ diyeboard/jason,please don’t take it as an offence, but native English speaker support would be a great improvement.

When Jason mentions that the wheel and motor pulley needs the same alignment he is not talking about the belt being at the same height on both pulleys. The distance measured between the motor and wheel pulley needs to be identical across the whole length. If not, the motor mount has been installed incorrectly or as Jason mentioned, a few screws might be loose.

@Jason. There has to be a procedure for failures that happen under load. You can’t just expect your ESC to be 100% ok by just showing it working when the drive train is not under load (upside down video). There could be a host of issues why it fails when someone is riding it. Same with any ESC, including the much more expensive VESC. Since the diyeboard ESC is so cheap, I doubt that Pusher would be trying to acquire one for free. It doesn’t make sense.


I have no need for a free/spare esc. I would ship it directly back if it does not solve the problem. There are many instances of throttle getting stuck due to esc failure and throttle sticking and none of them happen every single time you press the remote. It can happen with heat buildup or quick acceleration. @diyeboard you said we could get this resolved before the holiday if I posted the video within three hours and I did what you asked. I told you the video might not show an issue that does not happen every time. If the replacement esc does not fix the problem I would return it, and we can proceed from there and see if it is the motor or receiver for the remote etc. I have no use for another esc, this is my only board.


That belt moving is pretty normal behavior for all my belt boards when there’s a bit of room to move in alignment between motor and wheel pulleys. Boosted, Mountain board from DIYeboard, and a DIY board.


How much do you weight? Does it strugle with hill climbing?


170lbs, screams uphill


Just realize @Pusher DIYeboard has a lot of customers to deal with and parts can break. Spending hours on each customer is not realistic and no other company that sells stuff this cheap is this responsive. Take Lectric longboards for an example. I send them emails about faulty parts covered under warranty and they do not respond and do absolutely nothing, no response, no replacement parts. DIYeboard is a the best budget esk8 company on the market. I treat them with so much respect and love because I am grateful for their service because I am well aware of the Crappy companies(LECTRIC LONGBOARDS) and how bad some companies treat their customers.

Also remember that DIYEboard is the BUDGET eboard company. That means that the parts will not be as reliable as companies like boosted or evolve. But even those companies are not even as close to responsive as Jason is.

Expecting Tesla service from a budget esk8 company is a little unrealistic.


Yeah Jason has been great I have thanked him for his quick responses and shipping. I just want to see the issue resolved and the fact that he expects to see a problem like that in a video is unrealistic. I can’t make the problem happen whenever I want, otherwise I would probably have a solution to it.


Sometimes parts are just faulty - get a new one and only worry if it behaves the same way the old did.
Could be a little resistor fucked up the remote signal, could be an error in the firmware.


One last thing I could imagine is a high current cable running near the integrated receiver, which you can easily recognize by a thick flat trace on the PCB of the esc with 90 degree bends. As stupid as it sounds, rearrange your cables a bit and try to get as far away from the receiver as possible with all cables. On a vesc we have a choice where the receiver is located. Not recommended to be near power cables.

Anything else is already covered with the exception of a simple hardware failure.


What motor kv rating are those esc’s good for at 10s?