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of the airless tire and hub


check your email, we replied.



@diyeboard it must be the esc because after checking the whole list you sent me my board was not having any issues, then suddenly threw me off. It happened as I was passing some pedestrians with a kid and I was able to jump off but my board kept accelerating into the street with my hand off of the throttle. I don’t know how I can show you a video of it but I am now scared to ride my board. I hope it is just the esc and not a motor… You aren’t able to resolve this before the new year? It would be greatly appreciated, as this is my main mode of transportation.


as I said in email we will send you a new esc and new remote for you though you can’t send us any proof video by lying down the board upside down unloaded and remote control it with different speed and accelerate and brake, you just don’t provide us video for this.
it makes my job hard to let our technician to make any solution for you.
and again and again you post here and not reply my email in stead.
anyway we trust any customers, per your case, new remote can solve the problem, but per your insist, we will send you a new esc as a bonus.
but your incooperate of providing video delay the case handlement before CNY holiday.
Now all the shipping companies closed here for CNY holidays, and packages can’t be shipped out untill Feb. 26th. I am afraid your replacement esc and remote will be shipped after holiday on Feb 27th.
I already told you in email, but again you post here, we are on holidays now, as i said before we check emails only during holidays, this is the last time i do the copy reply job here for you.
mutual respect is necessary, i respect you and hope you can do the same to me. thanks.


tips for you: our accelerate is gradual speeding up, even your hand off the joystick on the remote, the acceleration still has inertia to gradual accelerate then gradual lower down the speed, it is same with all electric motor cycles. so your said problem is not a problem, it is just you don’t know well how it works as you paired the remote several times and failed and you keep asking us why untill we tell you follow the right way and you succeed.
if you want to stop please use the brake, and you want it just release the hand off the remote letting board brake is not possible, braking it by remote control.
and don’t ride in high speed if you can’t handle it, brake the board gradually not in a sudden push on the remote. gradual brake.
i tried my best here to figure out with our technician here and they want me tell you the proof video is needed, just put board upside down and unloaded and operate it in high speed and accelerate it and braking it with remote, send the video address here for everyone to check it.
let people judge your said problem is a problem or not. if it is not perform ok we will send you replacement with video proof provided.
send the video here let’s check it.


Anyone using the dual rear setup? I’m curiuos about how would you describe real world performance?


Sounds like failsafe. The older generation remotes (same used in Meepo board and many others, though that might be ‘‘B’’ grade…who knows) are known to have connection issues and sloppy deadzones, meaning the control is not very precise. Timeout in between failsafe & motor stop is determined by the remote and the programming of the ESC. You can very easily determine yourself if your issues are caused by failsafe by timing how the board reacts as described before.

Sinds you’ll be waiting on diyeboard to send out a replacement (ESC/remote) it may be worth investing in new remote to see if the issue is gone. Should at least provide for a better riding experience.

Just posted this to highlight the difference. You’ll have to purchase the remote from somewhere else. They are not expensive.


I did not say it wasn’t a problem @diyeboard . The board shot into traffic and keeps accelerating when I take my finger off the remote. Not from inertia. The accelerator gets stuck on. I have two v3 remotes @telnoi and tried both of them.


Post a video!


I’ve gone over 60 miles on my dual belt drive since Xmas. Climbs hills, breaks to a stop, no worries. Holding up much better than I expected. Twenty miles an hour easily and I’ve gone as far as 7 miles without draining the battery.


@diyeboard Jason thanks for helping me out on the computer this morning! Can’t wait to get my build started.


My dual drive worked great for the first thirty days or 100 miles. Now the throttle is sticking and it is not a fun experience. Even if I slam on the breaks it does nothing . The only way to stop is to jump off the board. Hopefully Jason will get this resolved for me. I have recorded a video showing it but there is no safe way to show a video of me going 20+mph and have the throttle stick, so I have gotten to the point that I will probably just build my own board. I don’t even feel comfortable selling this board because of the safety risk it poses on any user, even an experienced skateboarder.


The remotes I have feature the recessed reverse button and all the new features of the v3. No matter what, when I pair the remote the light starts flickering on the board again as soon as I pull the throttle. I have demonstrated this for Jason @diyeboard on video and it is just back and forth. Won’t take my word and I have not been lucky enough to capture the throttle issue with my board on camera because it usually happens above 15 mph and my girlfriend can’t catch it on camera. I have showed him a video of the board not showing a solid power light after pairing, and he acts like I can’t follow his simple instructions, although I have multiple times and over. I had no problem with his product until this started, roughly a month after I bought it. In fact, I loved the board until the throttle started sticking and said nothing but great things about it. I love the wheels the most. If these are A grade components I wonder what the Ancheer and similar boards on Amazon with B grade components are like. Scary thought. I hope it is user error or something that can be fixed because I am scared to ride my board. I also notice the belt does not stay centered on the pulleys. It is way off to the left on one of them and even makes a high pitched humming sound above 10mph.


Power button led blinks?


Yes. It is supposed to blink when you hold the power button on the board to indicate it is in pairing mode. So, I pair the remote and it stops blinking. Then, when I pull the throttle it starts blinking again. Since I received the board I have never been able to ride it with a solid power light. Only way it works is when the remote is paired, and once the remote is paired the light stays solid… But when I pull the throttle it starts blinking again.


We are not asking you a video for during the riding, just make board unloaded when not riding and lay it upside down, make video in high speed and remote control it in accelerate and braking, it won’t be too hard.
without the video i can’t proceed the replacement work here, the technician must need this.
we sent replacement to our cutomers if they can porvide proof, we want to solve the issue for you asap, but please provide video.
if you want esc and remote replacement send to you earlier, please send me video today.


All my DIYeboard ESC power button blinks during acceleration and solid when braking. That’s normal.


yes, once signal sync, and board in operation, it will blink always. thanks for helping me explain to him, I think he just need more time to get used to it and familiar with it. I will organize a manual and tips and open here for everyone understand better for all our kits,esc and parts, i will do it during the CNY holiday once I got any time.


No I figured this you had said it should remain solid earlier. I am used to the board and it worked great for the first month or so before this dangerous problem occurred. My original video does show the board upside down accelerating, and I will make another video of it upside down accelerating, but I am not able to show the issue I am having in a video of it accelerating upside down. The wheels move at a slightly different speeds as you said. I will go ahead and make the video for you, but it will not show the board throwing me off. Also, the problem does not happen every time. Only at certain speeds and it happens randomly.