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Adjustable motor mount please so we can adjust belt tension on the belt drive kits!
Please address this! Aloha Tunda…


I am STILL looking for motors that will work with your 6" airless kit. 5065 motors with <200kv


So you want a more powerful motor? The motors it comes with are already as powerful as you would really want with the stock trucks, pulleys, and rims. If you want to do a burly build get some rims and shit from @psychotiller or the ronins with adjustable mounts which I believe are from @chaka. Correct me if I am wrong ppl.


No…the motors that come with the kit are 260kv which is not good for a 10s/12s setup so I can’t use a 63mm motor as it doesn’t fit the mounts, and I can’t seem to find a lower kv rated 50mm motor


About the battery indicator on the remote, Is it meant to indicate remaining power in your battery or remaining power in your actual remote? Mine seems to indicate remaining power in my battery which seems strange as it means there’s no way of checking when my remote needs charging…


The indicator on your remote is referring to the battery level remaining.

Your remote will hold a charge for several rides.


Thanks, so its a guessing game on remaining remote charge level… lol Guess my last remote spoiled me, it had 2 indicators on the remote, showing both battery & remote levels.


I have the 10s5p board with the 6" AT tires and the stock motors and it works… http://www.diyeboard.com/36-dual-motor-6-wheels-allterrian-electric-skateboard-10s5p-p-596.html?zenid=f52jkc011tcluvc9eqafpr9ob0 …All stock.Are you using the diyeboard trucks and motor mounts?


Yes, but I plan on using vescs as their esc is not sufficient


For sure. I was wondering about using FOC or vesc with that kit… I would eventually like to upgrade my 10s5p to a better 18650 like the Samsung 30q or Sony VTC5a but Jason said there is no point with the stock ESC. If anyone had come up with a solution for caliber II or Ronin trucks and an adjustable mount with idler pulley like the torqueboards mounts let me know. Hoping for an aftermarket solution that can handle the 6" AT tires, hubs and pulleys. I guess I have to stick with the lipped bearing that come on those wheels. Anyway pm me if you have found an affordable adjustable motor mount with idler pulley capability that is compatible. Thanks in advance.


That’s simply not true, the DIYeboard ESC is sufficient.


Depends entirely on how demanding you are and what your environment looks like.

If you are expecting an offload monster and buy an AT kit from DIYE, you will be in for a surprise. It won’t meet your expectations and the upgrade path will be very expensive and partly non-existing. A replacement battery pack won’t fix the lack of torque and amp delivery, replacement motors won’t fit the ESC/not ideal (motor mount issue and a specific KV is expected, buy a VESC and they won’t fit the high KV motors, replace motors & esc with proper KV and VESC and the motor mounts will turn out to have incorrect tension (slipping due to increased power), destroy bushings due to your harsh riding and you will find that there are no replacements available. You can now throw away your trucks or DIY parts yourself.

Note that people are replacing bushings for much more expensive trucks every odd month or so.

My tip. Buy their kits if you are a beginner-intermediate rider…and stick with their parts.
Big exception to the above is the TB parts & certain clones.


I stand by my comment that the Diyeboard ESC is sufficient.


You should add ‘‘for me personally.’’

I would get nowhere with their ESC. I have tried.


They’re fine for small belt/hub drives…but even then I cover the backside of the esc in heat sinks for heat issues


Yes! this is significant issue. Need to change the belt when it could be adjusted.




You’re saying the esc is sensitive for heat?
I haven’t had any heat issue but I also have but pushed it on any hills yet.
I had plans placing the esc in a sealed enclosure but maybe that’s a bad idea?

@diyeboard what case will you use for the 30q 10s4p you are making?


We will use this flat enclosure as you can see from aboved photos, and the heat dissipation via the aluminum plate is very well in this enclosure, never worry about the heat problem.
People worry about the heat is because their esc not well mounted well and they may even sealed the air in and out part on the enclosure.
I need to make clear on how to mount the esc on out site.


See, esc always mounted on a aluminum heat dissipatation plate to make sure the esc performs the best.