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there’s no adaptator available, you can ignore the sensor cables and leave it not connected, it still works fine and with better torque.
like in our esc, if we want more torque we plug off the sensor cable to increase it.


can i order direct from china factory?
do you have any link, i located Singapore. prefer using forwarder from china to here instead of paying 19USD for shipping.


we are factory, you make order from us it means you order directly from our factory.
you can send us your forwarder address we ship to them so you can let them ship for you. message me.


will you guys sell BMS or the entire charging solution kit (without the battery, just the kit)
in the future ?


maybe in the future. but not right now.





Why is there an extra hole in my deck behind the battery box? Also, I am curious why the power light always blinks when the board is on is that normal? The board is great, but very rarely the accelerator gets stuck. Do you make steel or aluminum gears or hubs for the airless AT tires? Mine seem to be wearing, as well as the belts and motor mounts seem to be a little misaligned. If I put the 84mm wheels on without the risers will there be enough clearance with the 10s5p pack or would I need to top mount the battery box? Thank you Jason!


this is a upgraded kit, the board previous holed up for 10s2p battery, and we don’t have any board holed for 10s5p, so the extra holes exposured.
and light is normal.
you try not to push the joystick too quick.
it is aluminum alloy, we sell it, message me if you need any support.
and groud clearance is enough.
Ground clearance: 2 inches ≈ 5 cm the clearance from center of deck is around 4.4 inches. The enclosure box thinkness is 2.4 inches. So battery enclosure to ground is around 2 inches of clearance. The battery and ground Clearance without risers or shock pads is ~1.3 inches. 1.5 inches ≈ 3.3 cm
You can use the riser pads to increase the clearance and to absorb riding shocks.


if any one need to know how to change voltage of our esc by soldering on certain positions of our esc, meassage me know or email me so I can provide instructions.




How to Swap the Battery


Is there an ESC for belt drive with swappable battery?


Is this the improved remote with 3 speed modes and better responsiveness?
Going to use it on vesc and I love that diyeboard 3 speed remote.


Its not, and its not theirs. Its a winning 2 remote, i have it.

Its wonderful, works like a charm.

But no 3 speed modes, and you will mostlikely not be able to do speed modes either.


removing the sensor cables on a meepo hub/esc would give more torque?


yes, no sensor connection will got more torque because the esc switched to square wave from sine wave.


this remote is for the vesc, can’t work with our esc.
this one is the new remote with 3 speed version and works with our esc.


there is but we recommend for single belt drive, because the swappable battery are of 7S2P, dual belt eat more power and will consume the battery out more easily, singhle belt will be more suitable,
we designed this battery for single hub,single belt and dual hubs of 70*51mm size.