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dual hub 2x350w this is from the web, is it good enough?


You can fit 90mm without any modification. (I’m running 90mm)


you can’t use this esc drive our dual belt kit, it need belt esc.
it can drive dual hubs well.
i suggest you buy the belt kit with the belt esc.


This is an idea I had, but, apart from trampa builds, I do not see builds with a top mounted battery. Why?


I tried a 10s2p top mounted, it felt in the way not that I actually touched it that much but I def. think top mounts are ideal for anything where you have a fixed foot position


We are two people on discord who top mounted the battery, I am one of them. Picture of FlashNA01#0406 topmount


very nice built, a beautiful proffessional built, can we see the bottom side?
are you using our power kit or only our battery kit.


I havent finished the wiring yet. I need to get some connectors and shorten up the wire. I should finish it tomorrow.



Nice! how does it ride?


Havent gotten a chance to test drive it due to snow. Riding in the house already feels way more stable than my previous setup. Hoping to test in in a few days once it warms up a bit.


enjoying my new pillow i received today! Perfect square form for my head and offers an amazing 360wh of sleep netting me 18hrs of continuous sleep! =P

next to test is the new 500w hubs is also got!



Would your hub motors work with that PCB?


yes, it works, we have hub esc and belt esc.
see here:


but would it work with mine? The koowheel one.


yes, it works fine. you can choose the hub esc.


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Enlosure Outer Dimensions = 335mm length * 195mm width * 60mm thickness
Battery Hold Dimensions = 170mm length * 135mm width * 52mm thickness


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@diyeboard hey jason ! I wan’t to use your hub motors with a FOC box from enertion but your sensor cables are not compatible with the vesc plug, do you sell an adaptator ? I really wan’t to try the hubs with FOC and VESC acceleration curve because your ESC is very rough i don’t wan’t to use it anymore it’s too dangerous i think