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we are not planing to upgrade 10s5p to 30Q cells since it is too expensive and our kits no need such good power, it is totally a waste. Our kits work economically best with regular 18650 lion cells and LG mf1 and Samsung 22p cells.


we won’t make 30Q for 10s5p, only concern for the 10s3p and 10s4p, and takes months to make it ready for sell, we need to test more on them, voltage sag and discharge etc.


I just want more range outta the 5p i get about 11-12 decent miles outta it and then the last couple are just slow.


Let me know when it’s available, im interested in that 4p :slight_smile:


What is the bearing size of these?

One wheel locked up completely…too much rain/mud. Have to replace them.


What are the dimensions of the enclosure? How big deck is needed?







Bearing inside diameter: 10mm, Bearing outside diameter: 30mm


Hi Simon, I will definately let you know when it is available.


Got it, in this case we think we still need to concern the 30Q for 10s5p battery.


I don’t really see the 30q being necessary until you get the esc more capable


I think so, it is kind of waste working with our esc, 30Q is for vesc and 6374 brush dual motors, 20a-30a discharge is enough for our kits. capacity increase won’t too much.


Thx. Any idea how difficult it is to remove the bearing from the rear wheel pulley? Is it pressed in? Any additional glue used?

Looks like I may potentially destroy it/crack the hub if I apply too much force, or the bearing comes out in pieces.

For future iterations of this hub I would suggest going with drop in bearings. The way this is currently manufactured makes it very difficult to replace bearings. Once the bearings seize you can essentially throw away a big part of the drive train, since the hubs are not sold separately and even so, they would be more expensive than a ~5usd bearing.


it is pressed in, no glue used.
it is difficult though if has no proffessional tool for it.you can try to use tool to warp it out but be careful.




Built my second commuting board with DIYeboard’s Dual belt kit and ESCs (I used different enclosure, wheel and deck for my personal taste), they work great! @diyeboard Do you have any plan of selling steel version of motor 13T HTD5M pulley? My dual belt kit came with 13T Aluminium pulley and it’s already starting to wear out, but cannot source steel 13T pulley that will replace DIYeboard dual belt kit’s motor pulley.


Guys, do you think the original ESC of the koowheel board would handle this setup in the rear? Or would my ESC just go kaboom? http://www.diyeboard.com/dual-belt-drive-1400w2-n5055-motor-power-truckfront-truck-kit-p-422.html


we now only have aluminum ones, it is strong enough if properlly installed and used.
If you need spares we can arrange for you.


can you take a photo of koowheel esc so I can give you a opinion.
is your board dual hub or belt?