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I’m wanting to replace the kingpin and bushings in the rear (drive) truck. Not sure if there is enough play in the wires to pull the hangar out of the baseplate.

Do you recommend that I disconnect the motors before replacing the kingpin?


You could also remove the truck


Yeah, I think I’m going to do that. I understand why they griptape over the hardware for aesthetic reasons, but even after an hour of riding everything is already in need of tightening. Got some bad asphalt in my neck of the woods.

I’m ATHesk8 if you ever hear of group rides in the Atlanta area let me know!


I’m having trouble finding a full hub drive kit with the 10s3p battery. Is that not available?


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It is available. You need to buy them seperately.


If this could a 10s4p pack, i’d grab one super quick!


it is 10s3p now, 10s4p need do revision on the inner enclosure to hold it.



what are the dimensions of the 10s5p pack?
I would be more inclined to buy if it were a 10s4p pack with higher discharge cells.


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Battery Dimensions = 165mm length * 135mm width * 51mm thickness
Battery Weight: 2.33kgs
Voltage: 10S 36V
Max voltage is 41.8V, cut off at 31V when power out.



Happy new year! :tada:

Jason can you tell us what new products we can expect in 2018 from diyeboard?


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We will discuss and confirm with out product team and marketing team for the new product line and lauching date and inform you know once we have a firm plan.



Maybe a 2018 special 8wd board?


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To you too!


Will these adjustable motor mounts work with the trucks and motors that came on my 10s5p AT board with the 6" airless tires? I didn’t know this was an option…


Happy New Year! :tada:
it is for 83mm 90mm pu wheels, and need special handlement of the trucks by grinding it round to fit the motor mount, definately won’t fit the at wheels.


Can you sell 9" AT trucks that are ground down like this with the adjustable motor mounts to fit on the AT board I ordered?


we can’t now.