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11’’ OFF ROAD TRUCK and 9’’ AT truck


But those trucks have springs and the at trucks have bushings
Edit: NVM Thx
Cool Trucks!








Thank you Jason.
Looks like you are correct, a 4p would be hard to fit.

Well maybe have to satisfy with the 10s3p 30q you are making :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking time to measure it for me.


it is my pleasure.


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Thanks for taking the time in your day to post here.

I just received my diyeboard dual belt drive complete. It’s well put together and performs as expected.

Happy New Year and here’s to a succesful 2018!


Thank you and wish you all Happy New Year and big success in 2018.
Enjoy your riding and let me know anything if you need our support!


I just received my diyeboard and haven’t taken it apart yet, but would this also be the procedure for swapping out the back wheels?


No, if you want to only remove the wheel just unscrew the wheel nut and drag the wheel out.

My instructions are made for motor pulley swap.

Oh and you cant swap bearings on the rear wheels, it uses a special lipped bearing.
So just leave the bearings at the rear alone



New Year Is coming and today is the last day, we Diyeboard wish you all have a Happy New Year, Cheers!



How much time do i have? It’s not even new years eve over here?


Finish on Jan.2nd.


Like my Jan second?


^^^ (he’s in canada) here, it’s almost december 31st.


HAHA i probs could have been slightly more specific…