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Will that Volans scorpio deck be avalible in 2018?
Just the deck?


it is available now
i just didn’t start it to sell
we have lot of them in stock


i am wondering how you get new pulley kit replaced on your old kit, it is so hard to get the old ones especially the motor pulley pulled out, how did you make it?




Sure Jason.

  1. Remove wheel and pulley cover
  2. Remove pulley screws, 2 at each pulley. Be carefull they are easy to strip, use the correct socket size.
  3. Use a blow torch to heat up the pulley eveanly, but focus a bit more on directing the flame in the screwholes and the pulley hole.
  4. When it starts to smoke, the glue is releasing (its the glue smoking so don’t worry)
  5. Use a rag to pull of the pulley. If its hard, use some more heat.
  6. Install new pulley.
  7. Install the wheel to see if the pulley is aligned and the belt runs straight, if not adjust the pulley in or out (will require heating again)
  8. When alignment is good install the screws with some blue locktite, the screw should turn in easy. Its easy to get it in crooked by mistake. Take your time.

All done! Enjoy your new gearing!

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


well done, nice write up and very helpful instructions. thank you Simon. you have a nice day!


Glad to help! :slight_smile:

Great news on the deck.
Will probably get that deck and enclosure when the production of 30q packs are available.

By the way Jason!
Can you messure this for me?
See my good picture attatched… :wink:

Most 4p are 420mm long.


Do you guys sent stuff to Romania?


I will post measurement later, with some revision there’s space for 10s4p. wihout revision there’s space for 12s3p.


i need to check with forwarder and let you know later.


What about mexico ?


Mexico is possible but hard for customs clearance. customers need cooperate with customs clear and pay tax.
the shipping cost is double than to US. need 100usd extra.


confirmed Romania is ok for shipment with battery.




What trucks are those?