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Today 3 AT versions came up

10S2P lowest price
6S4P Mid
10S5P highest price

I wish I knew before I bought 24h ago and I was aking about a battery upgrade :frowning: What the difference, just battery and not as much voltage sag?


just the battery upgrade and new enclosures


it is too late for your board upgrade to 10s5p battery, it is shipped out today, you can buy the battery kit to upgrade by your self if you need it in the future. it is heavier than your current 10s2p version, 1kg increased.


Yes i saw that. But 50amp is too little. Thats why i say it should be 12s1p with at least 15amp so in 12s5p we could have almost 80amp.


It will burn the electronics for longtime continous discharging, i am talking about the continous, not max or peak


Diyeboard’s Youtube Video Channel


Coaxial single motor electric skateboard, one axle coaxial rotation

dual hub motor electric skateboard quite no noises riding HD

electric skateboard climbing big inclines

electric skateboard climbing test, dual hubs HD

6’’ Airless AT wheels quick release wheel change to 83mm pu wheels

city off road AT electric skateboard riding video


36’’ Dual Motor 6’’ Wheels All terrian Electric Skateboard

AT BOARD QC riding test from manufacturing line

QC Test for the Electric Skateboard Battery & ESC Power Kit 10S5P 11AH

QC TEST FOR Electric Skateboard Battery & ESC Power Kit 10S5P 11AH



A smaller set would be awesome. Plenty of people aren’t interested in off road so smaller lighter versions of these would be perfect.

I would buy a couple sets myself


price are different for different order qty, if you buy a couple sets we give you more discount.


Cool. But we’re you serious above when you mentioned a mold for smaller maybe MBs sized ones?


that + fitting regular trucks :slight_smile:


we are planning on mbs size pu wheels with same core for at board


Check here people review


i need to get my lathe working.




@mmaner and @MaxAssist

Can you guys speak for how these perform in wet conditions when compared to traditional pneumatics?


I cant, don’t usually ride in the rain.


I will make video of riding in the rain.


I appreciate the effort, but a video of you riding in the rain is not going to tell me anything.

What I need is a comparison between pneumatics and these tires when it comes to traction in wet.


then other people’s review would be better.


I believe @dotruongq can give you a better insight. He’s been riding those wheels more than me.