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for esc only cost 25usd for shipping by dhl, 3-5days arrive time. our shipping rate is based on dhl international shipping rates, our shipping rates automatically calculates while you checking out per different order amount. exxmple, 199usd, shipping rates is 40usd.


I understand. Your delivery time is great! But I would have nothing against waiting a month but to have super cheap or free delivery.


Then you can choose the economy shipping way, the shipping fee is cheaper.


I could pass the link of the trucks that I must use and their respective motor mount.
what code should I place to get the free shipping?

podria pasarme el link de los truks que debo utilizar y sus respectivas monturas de motor.

que codigo devo colocar para hacerme del envio gratis?




  1. Changing bearing(Because Trampa axle is 9.5mm)
  2. Inserting spacer about 3~5mm.

Build Kit Boards Thread (50% off 44t 12mm Pulleys)

very nice built, incredible DIY, i am shocked by the photos. thanks @Martin


order amount over 400usd is free shipping, no need coupon code for it, automatically free shipping when checking out.


I could pass the link of the trucks that I must use and their respective motor mount.


where do you come from, I need to confirm your receiving address to confirm if we can ship to your country.
and I don’t understand your words, can you message me privately.


another batch of wheels coming.


China National Holiday is approaching, starting from Oct. 1 to Oct. 7th, so if anybody wanna buy stuff from us, better set the deal the sooner the better so we still can ship the package out before holiday.


Our 9’’ AT truck fit 6’’ AT wheels will lately finish the bulk production in Oct., we will update them on our site www.diyeboard.com for sell.
Axle length of 38mm, 8mm axle diameter, truck length is 310mm. Aluminum alloy gravity cast made.


Did you figure out the spacer issue between bearings? Did you have to put in more spacers to fill the gap? Or are you running without any spacers between the bearings?


Does it fit on caliber trucks?


Standard caliber trucks will not support these hubs. The axles need to be longer. Read the thread.


need distributors on these 6’’ at wheels, message us for details and wholesale pricing.
each city only one distributor needed, first come first served.


to fit our 6’’ AT wheels, truck need with axle length of 38mm or more , 8mm axle diameter.


@MaxAssist putting in some work


Are you using DIY’s standard motor mounts? what motor pulley size are you using? and what belt size did it end up being with that motor pulley?