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ok, i understand


How did u make it?


I used 1/10 rc car wheel bearings and found a screw to fit and drilled and taped the trucks and locktite the screw in the trucks…


Wat bearings did u replace them with?


Is there somewhere on your site I can buy this? Looking everywhere for the newer “boosted style” Esc used in the ownboard/wowgo etc but for a dual belt drive.

Anyone know if there is another way to use the new remote (with the dial type speed control) with belt drives?


Where you got the deck?


I ended up making belt-tensioner for my diyeboard with loose and sliding belts.

Drilled and cut a Ø5 mm thread in the mototmount, and applied two 605zz (Ø14 mm) bearings on a M5 bolt. Used Loctite to secure the bolt.

There is still some slack, but I also purchased some 625zz (Ø16 mm) bearings, so I can increase the tension by changing to these if needed.

It got dark outside before I finished the project, so I haven’t tested it on the road yet.

Dual-belt N5055 Shortboard Build [SF-Bay Area]
Cheap eBay 18650 10s2p

How do I make that change from 7s to 10s or 12. Where do I solder?


can v1.1 single hub be modified for 10s aswell?


Hi @diyeboard , I have just received your 10s5p dual belt kit.
I was wondering if there is a way to adjust the throttle mapping curve of the remote ?

I.E. : When I push the throttle forward, nothing happen for the first 5-7mm and then suddenly the board start with a big acceleration (even if I kick push my board). Same with braking.


nope, you’re stuck with the way it is.


Just ordered 3 of the Hub kits … “10S5P 360WH Battery&ESC&Power Truck Kit Dual 90*52mm Hub Motors”.

A little trouble with the website but Jason is super responsive and we got through it.

We have a nice bike path down to the harbor and beach here in Oceanside. I bought my wife an e-bike as well, so looking forward to spending more time down at the beach this year. This will be a father/son “build”, and I got one for the neighbor as well.

I got the idea from a Razor X we got for my son for Christmas. I took it a few times and liked it. The speed and the range aren’t there for this kind of journey, but I did take it completely apart and took extensive pictures to see if I could mod. I posted pictures in another topic.


Hi guys,
I have seen Kieran from Meepo posted on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMQJJG5qxRM) and his website (https://meepoboard.com/pages/truck-recall-for-march-2018) about the issue had in several boards between March and middle April. Specifically the rear truck being weaker than usual. Since I bought from @diyeboard a really “similar” hub motors kit in that period (http://www.diyeboard.com/dual-hub-motor-9052mm-1000w75kv-power-truck-front-truck-kit-p-558.html?zenid=r8bmo6llnr28mo3dguc9vsk826) I would like to know if someone had the same problem with the diyeboard kit. I didn’t encounter in the problem so far, but I thought would it be better to know in advance if it is a possibility. Of course Jason can also comment on that and explain the facts nad how his company would take care of it in case the problem shows up. I don’t want to create any worry or damage anyone, but if it happens during riding it’s quite dangerous, so better to sort it out before hands. Thank you for the collaboration.


I bought my 90mm hub kit from DIYEboard 6 months ago and the rear trucks came with these reinforcement tabs at the position where the hanger breaks have been reported. I wonder why they moved away from this design. Seems it would be more robust.


I do not know. Indeed mine is without. Let’s see if there are case of broken rear trucks inside the community.


those look like the trucks the teamgee boards use, they have these led lights that go into the holes.

see ~4:09 mark in the video.


Yes, it seems like that. Dunno if they made just for the light or also for strength. Both the reasons probably.


I am interested in seeing more about this esc. Any update?


The diyeboard vesc is already outdated with other/superior products hitting the market. I would not be surprised if they start reselling / rebranding these vesc based escs.


Is it possible to buy only the bms of this pack? http://www.diyeboard.com/10s5p-18650-lithium-battery-pack-36v-10ah-360wh-p-460.html