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thanks. the board can’t use v2.1 which i explained amny times before. the firmware are same. you can try to use vesc but i am not sure how it performs.
upgrade the battery won’t make too much difference since our esc limit the speed and power output.
if you upgrade the cells, you need to use vesc.


Upgrading to 30q will give more range (430wh) and less voltage sag (80A discharge)
As Jason say I don’t think performance would increase that much with 30q (expect better performance on hill climbs) but with a 10s4p 30q you will have no noticeable voltage sag, meaning full power/performance from 100% to 0% battery charge.

I have a 10s4p battery with 30q that I will use on the diyeboard kit, will let you guys know how it works out! :smiley:


get well soon!


I’ve been using 10s4p 30Q cells on the dual 6354 motors from DIYeboard. The torque and speed is just ridiculous. I still couldn’t fully test the speed due to having to make significant modifications to the bushing setup to calm down the rear truck on my short wheelbase. Pretty close to where I want now. Underestimating the stability cost me a spill and have been very careful to increase speed. So far, got to the point of low 20mph. It can theoretically go high 20mph close to 30mph.


I will use the 5055 270kv motors.
You must have geared quite high to get that top speed right?
I never felt the 5055 270kv lacked torque tough.
Haven’t tried 6354 however.


I like my set up with10s5p diy battery


yeah I think 5055 motors are fine for torque and speed. With DIYeboard ESC, the speed and amps have upper limit. But, bigger motors have stronger torque even within that limit. In real life it may not make much difference. But, I like the look of two big ones down there lol.

I’m using 15t/36t ratio. Probably same as yours but my motors are 180kv. I’m not sure how that factors in performance because the ESC runs FOC and no real ERPM limits.


We are actually modding a 40mm PC fan with filter onto the enclosure to cool it. It reguarly gets 30-40 degrees Celsius here so the holes and passive cooling just don’t do enough :frowning:


I will use gearing 13/35 and it gives a top speed of 42kph with 83mm wheels.

If I would use same gearing and wheels with 180kv top speed would be 30kph. According to esk8calc I used.


What battery case is that??


Thanks for the info guys, are those drop mounted setups using diyeboard trucks and motor mounts ? Also, how did you modify the rear bushings, are there any brands that fit DIYe trucks, specifically the 9" ones? Was looking at doing that but it seems like the clearance would be so small because of how thick the 10s5p battery is.


Just so you guys know the diyeboard 6-9 inch trucks with there 35 tooth pulley fits the abec 11 107mm wheels and new slick revolution 110mm rough stuff wheels…


Direct fit no modding to the pulley!


I’ve just ordered the power truck kit, so there will be a review comiing soon.
I’ll probably change the gearing setup to 10:38 gearing and use the mbs all terrain.
Do you think that this is a good idea?


Yep try um and see… let us know how it works


Several customers asked me for instruction of how to change the voltage, hereby i public it here, but still strongly don’t recommend customer change it.

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Thank you for this info


Could it handle 12s? Or am I best off putting my 2 6s packs in parallel instead?


You can usevesc with their hubs no problem but don’t use vesc with their outrunners because it will fry your vesc by going over the erpm limit. But i definitely advise to change to VESC you got more power, more torque, more speed and more smoothness


it can’t, only handle 42v maxim.
can’t support 12s.