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Aha ok so you managed to fit a 4p in that enclosure?
I thought it wasn’t possible.

Will the new app esc also require heat dissipation?


it is possible, need to modify the enclosure by cutting out some part and make battery pack more compact.



Ok that’s nice Jason!
Any idea on when (approximately) it will be available for purchase? 10s4p 30q with enclosure.
March or April?

Just got a new deck for building another esk8 :wink:


April, there’s long Chinese spring new festival holiday affect the process, April is our best time schedualed.


many people asked me about the v2.1 and v1.1 version esc difference, i will give a detailed information here.
they are same firmware, just the size difference, layer difference and weight difference.
v1.1 is one layer with larger pcb size, light in weight.
v2.1 is 2 layers with smaller pcb size but heavy in weight.
v1.1 need mount on the heat dissapation plate, v2.1 need mounted very well but need to air to cooling it down,



V2.1 ESC PCB Mounting size is 83mm L x 62mm W x 49mm H
WEIGHT: 289g
Can only be mounted in our 10s5p enclosure
V1.1 ESC PCB Mounting size is 104mm L x 80mm W x 17mm H
WEIGHT: 119g
Can be mounted in our esc enclosure, can’t fit in the 10s5p enclosure


are you planning on selling replacement bushings for your 11’’ AT trucks? They are completely worn out and the trucks are making allot of noise.

if not, I need to pull mine apart/measure the dimensions & source some nylon printed parts.


Heat is a problem when you push this ESC. I describe the problem here, and the diy hack here.


@diyeboard I’m quite interested in this All Terrain board on your site - . But I’m unable to find any reviews of the board on Youtube testing the top speed, range, hill climb and usage after few months. Can you plz help me out here ? Or maybe point me towards someone who owns this board as well ?


we don’t sell it but we can send spareparts to our customers if they need it, message me for details so I can help.


thanks for your interests,there’s are many customers on reddit and forum, i am not sure they made any reviews on youtube or not.
customers info can’t be revealed unless get their permission.
if you want details for the specs check our discription page or email me.


I’ve been looking at my 2.1, it looks like I could undo the connecting screws and flatten it down - so its side by side, I plan on mounting this to a better heat-sink in a custom enclosure - this would be ok fine right?


you can but you need to be very careful with the change, make sure all connection well wired and well protected.
though we don’t recommend further change but honestly speaking you can make it works if you are carefully hanlded it well.
Good luck, you really know things and fixing things.


Hey my man, just unboxed all the parts from you guys.

The parts i got dosnt look like the ones in the reviews i saw, looks a bit different.

Did you update anything?


Hey Jason (@diyeboard) ,

My friend has recently purchased a kit with a version 2.1 esc from you. Is there any way that he can connect it to a PC so that we can select the correct options to run the spare bluetooth module that I have?

I would be very handy for him as his setup is overheating a bit in the hot Australian weather >.<


He would need a vesc to do that.


Surely it would have been connected to a PC at some point though…


They use a programmer to program the chips it and from there lock the firmware, they are mad expensive to get.

Also you wont be able to use a bleutooth module on it, again you need a vesc.


We update sometimes but won’t too much only make the kit better performance and better quality.