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DIY Trigger Style Remote with Telemetry - Complete Guide



Why dont you do a write up for this on a seperate thread so those who would like to do the same could do so? Also, how are you finding the power switch location? Does it ever get accidentally switched?


I do actually intend to do that but I’m still trying to get things organised. I’ve started a build thread for the entire project here, it’ll get filled in slowly as I find the time to write what I did down.

The switch location is great and does not accidentally get pressed… but possibly only for me. I printed a whole bagful of shapes to get things fitting my hand nicely.


Great coating. I put pistol grips on mine at one point.


Building a very small batch of remotes for friends…

Hope I have enough parts for everything


Urgh… so much work!!


The red one looks awesome!


That’s mine… Haha…


the masters one :slight_smile:

nice work!


Still not done yet… one last layer of 2k clear coat!


Looking good!


Any idea when you will release the new version?


In a week or two… Planning some last few micro changes after I realised some issues in the latest prints …


Started building the small batch of remotes finally…

SLA casing with HP fusion parts

Made a mistake with the polarity, fried one board’s charging circuitry… Sigh

Got longer wires to route under the PCB for an even cleaner look…

Sprayed with metallic grey paint and 2K clear coat.

Built my red one as well…

Different generations of the same thing…


Are selling these or are these just for you?


Looks good!


Only made a few extras for friends… Too much time needed to build one even after I simplified the PCB.


Any updates on the new feather version? :slight_smile:


Sorry I been so tied up with work and family… Files are all ready to be shared I believe… give me some time to upload everything


Have scrolled through the thread today, amazing work! Was wondering if you could update the link for the 1000uF Capacitor as it is currently linking to JST Connectors in the V2 of the parts list :slight_smile:


Ok let me look into it shortly… Chinese New Year now so even more busy with family stuff than before…