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Diy electric skateboard enclosure


That’s not a bad idea… we do that for valve covers on old chevy’s so it doesn’t pinch the gasket


thank you ill try that


Just one question. Are the component inside the enclosure fixed to the deck? Is you board a bit flexy?
Concerning fiber glass I also did it for the first time and it is not so difficult. I advice to try 5obsomething small to see how to do it and avoid mistakes later on. The secret is remove all the air bubbles. Really important. What tutorial on YouTube. A lot of boat channels use it. You will see that the new enclosure would be really strong but heavier too.


Their not and my board is a little flexy


That’s why the enclosure breaks. FIx them to the deck with some strong 3M velcro at least the battery. You won’t have any problem after that. I ran a 3D printer enclosure for months before moved to a fiberglass one. With fiberglass you can also let the component free although I always advice to fix them to the deck. The enclosure should only sustain itself adn protect the electronics component. On top of that your board is a bit flexy, I am actually surprise it last so long. It is apparently a good enclosure. If you do the same with some thin ABS enclosure it will crack after few rides.
Here few pics that show what I mean


Use Kydex, this thing is thermoformable in an oven and thick enough. The problem is it would stiffen your board if you cover whole bottom.


you cant use resins itself, it will be very brittle
use some fiberglass mat with epoxy, then it wont break


I agree it looks like you have torqued the screw too tight. I have the same enclosure and I haven’t had any cracking. What I did was place some rubber insulation strips under the enclosure and then used the washers that are half metal and half rubber to put under the screw with the rubber side down towards the enclosure. I haven’t had any cracking and I don’t mount anything to the board.


With the option of making an enclosure out of carbon fiber or fiberglass, is fiberglass generally the better material? I’ve compared their properties but nothing beats real world experimentation.


IMO the biggest advantage of carbon over fiberglass is the looks, but its harder to work with, conducts electricity , blocks signals, and when you scratch it it does not look so nice

on the other side there’s the cheaper, easier to work with, able to be dyed so when you scratch it its not so noticeable, fiberglass.
I understand the carbon fiber hype but for our eskate purposes IMO its not needed by far especially for enclosures if you vacuum out the extra resin you will maybe have 100g difference in an enclosure, and who cares about that?


can you give me links to buy this stuff


Your local hardware store should have it


fiber glass
ive never delt with it


I’ve recently done this. Works like a charm.


You need to buy some matt, around 400g per m2 or something like it
Polyester resin
Hardener/ catalyst
That roller for painting on the wall
And possibly also the roller with the pokes so you can poke the airbubbles
Also i would reccomend you to get some resin dye


I made my first enclosure of fiberglass against the battery for two layers snd then a couple og Carbon fiber 200gr/m2 mats. The Landy EVO deck did flex a bit before but now its stiff as weinstein.


What about the socks and underwear method?


@Harpsaco that’s my link… I’m showing a basic walk through of how to do fiberglass with the most basic of tools, nothing fancy like vac forming… but remember this general rule of thumb… you have 3 options, fast, cheap, and good… now pick 2 and forget about the other… if u want fast and good it’s not cheap (need specialty tools and experience) u want good and cheap, it won’t be fast (my guide), u want fast and cheap… well it won’t be good, don’t rush when working with composites, take your time and it will always show

Custom battery enclosure *No specialty tools method*


I also did it recently for the first time and beside the newbie mistakes I enjoyed the process. I just wanted to say that a cheap, but efficient way, to create a vacuum bag is by using a vacuum bag for clothes storage and your regular vacuum. You will only need a ply sheet to ensure a smoother surface and easier release of the enclosure. You can see few pictures here First Build | "The Avenger" | Jet Spud | Dual Hubs Motors | Custom 10S3p 30Q | Maytech Vescs.



thanx everyone