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Discussion about DIY vendors, delivery delays, communication, and transparency


It’s kind of hard to prioritize public office politics over esk8 politics, so i feel you. That’s why we mail our ballots in.


I’m back bitches! I wasn’t supposed to come back for at least a year but I need to set the record straight and dispel some of the lies from @Photorph

Here is a customer of Ollin btw.
"ended up being a bit of a lemon. Not only did I get the smaller motors but the “arsenal” trucks bent on me and the axles were undersized leading to wheel wobbling which is fucking scary at 30mph. I think the “spline mounting” of the gear is a mistake - lathing a cast truck body not only seems to take material off the axle from slipping, but as soon as the truck bends (which… is the first time you stand on it) you’re back to out of alignment. The motor mounts were slippy, I had to take them off, clean them, and apply loc-tite to get them to stay on the milled truck.

I remember this board it was @FredSaberhagen , he tore the board apart, documented it and sold it off for parts and not once did he ask for any service. We did send him new trucks before he had any issues with breakage. Funny thing is we are giving warranty service to the person he sold some of the parts to.

Photorph also continues to lie and say he waited a year when in fact he was refunded around 6 months after purchasing the board. Still a long time but what we are doing is not easy or even very profitable. The truth is we tried our best to dissuade him from purchasing a board from us from the very beginning and referred him to LHB. After he purchased from us we continually tried to get him to take a refund when the delays in production began but he chose to try and strong arm us through social media.

Photorph also brought up the case with Matty OH but he failed to reveal that Matt was refunded long ago for his purchase and was going to be notified when we had boards in stock ready to ship. This is a huge omission and speaks volumes of Photorph’s intentions here.

It is no secret that you feel scorned, your actions speak loud and clear but you are crossing the line. I have heard from other customers about you telling them to ask for refunds or telling them that I am unstable and bipolar. Pretty harsh accusation to make to someone you say you want to be friends with.

I am far from perfect, it’s true I am not the best businessman in the world but I build a damn fine machine and I am proud to be part of this community. You wont break our the bond or friendships that have formed with your fear mongering. All you are doing is excluding yourself from this great community of builders and riders.

I guess you have accomplished one good thing… you brought me out of my forum hiatus!


That moment when you see @chaka being the last person posting in a thread :star_struck:


Psyched you are back @chaka!

Literally makes all this morning worth it in a way (well, not really, but you know what I mean).


I’ve been waiting 3 hours for a reply from @Photorph, nothing yet. I’ve gotten 1 screen shot from a person I cannot identify and 3 reddit links that are also from people I cannot identify. If i can’t identify them I cannot contact them and get the story straight from the ‘pony’s’ mouth (you see what I did there :slight_smile:).

So, until more info is forthcoming I am going to call this a steaming pile of spurned shit and go about my day.


OH SHIT. pew pew pew

I remember ALL of that! And its going in my book entitled Dick Soup: An Esk8 Memoire. Mother of god! We didn’t talk for a long while because of this madness… if i had known then that he was the reason i didn’t get any Ollin Vescs for a while… mother of God the murder that would have ensued. Should i have noted that? Should i have let slip the mobs of war… Yes @photorph is the reason my next several customers had to wait for over six weeks longer than usual while i waited on FAR LESSER motor controllers from the first enertion batches… my oh my.

That boy was spreading more shit than an amish farmer. That’s a goddamned lie to esk8 children! Me on the other hand… oh hell yeah i’m unstable and bipolar… but i’ll fucking tell you.

Which is why we choose excommunication over execution.


Haha, and here we are now. Was great to see you in Vegas! Hope to see you in SoCal, you gonna make it to Barrett Junction?


Could you guys please jump on reddit and discredit the living shit out of this nonsense? It’s in all of our best interests.


no one cares about reddit


Unfortunately there is a large percentage of the Esk8 market which does. Something like 80% or some made up number.




Yep I actually hate being on that subreddit


reddit: so many people knowing so little talking about shit they don’t know anything about.

its an echo chamber of stupidity.


Meh, speak for yourself. If you can sift through the useless posts there’s quite a few people looking for information or showing off cool builds (probably already posted here) or fun ride spots.

I for one like the esk8 subreddit if it is flooded with prebuilts.


are there diamonds in the rough? sure. but you need to crawl through a mile of shit to find one.

for me the only sub that’s worthwhile anymore is BPT.



One thing is true to electric-skateboard.builders forum. This forum exist for people with positivity, energy and building esk8. We @moderators doesn’t support any act of post that doesn’t support future builds & creativity. You can mumble, complain, etc somewhere else. There are plenty of places to spam these days :smiley:

Please if you have any problem seek out to the vendor alone and or the person you have dispute. This type of post just don’t make sense and contribute any valueble points into the community.


I am speaking for myself alone but I do hope this post stays. It is not very often that we get to speak out against Photorph’s claims in a balanced arena with our peers.


That is what he made before on Reddit and honestly even if I agree with what you say, in this case it’s good that @Photorph came here by his own (more or less) and started this topic again.
In the end of the day the involved people had an opportunity to tell her part of the story and now as min we here know both sites and everybody can decide by his own who to believe more.


I think the next big thing for me is Colorado in June. We’re making a whole vacation out of it, taking like two weeks off to do the esk8 event in the middle and see the sites and things in the time surrounding it. Hope you can make it!


It’s like an episode of Jerry Springer… :popcorn: