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How many moms are we involving in here?


this is accurate.


Shouldn’t you be in class Eric?


Im too busy following the footsteps of @longhairedboy and building boards instead of handling responsibilities.

Jk its election day


Tishaun is literally my hero right now. He sent me a segway z10 unicycle to try and i’m still face planting on it but i have sworn myself to learning it.


Oh no you’ve turned into one of them


pretty much, was on here before my test and knew that saving the screencap would be worth it :laughing:


excuse you mister

dont start with EUCs :roll_eyes::joy::joy:

this post was made by ninebot gang


i secretly want to join that gang.


If only I had a working EUC, I got a broken one from Tishawn to fix but its $$$


If youre going to go for it stay away from the C and E models, go with something a little faster

15 mph is booooooring(but nice to cruise)


No Damon! Step back into the light! It’s a trap! Tishawn already converted a few of the skateboarders here to the dark side. We’ve been having races so that I can shut his ass up from taking our boarders. Don’t do it! Step back into the light!


cough cough
About that race


reeeeee EUCs are electric vehicles too


we demand equal rights


In the words of my wife, “y’all look goofy as fuk” :joy::rofl:


You were no where to be seen with your Meepo :eyes::eyes:


Hey man don’t tie me together with that meepo bs. Felt like I was walking :roll_eyes:


it does 27mph! i know because it swooped around at about that fast and ninja sweeped my other foot out from under me and now my right arm is only mostly useful.


yeah I remember the days of dismounting and doing a little jig to not snap my ankles lol

practice practice practice, youll be hitting the speed limiter in no time :laughing:


Wait till you try that v100 monster, thing does 50mph no sweat. I had a race with T over the weekend in DC and I was scared for his safety cause all he had was his signature fedora and Thousand helmet, dude is a champ!