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Discussion about DIY vendors, delivery delays, communication, and transparency


oh shit i almost forgot! This was in the original post too. A pic of me in my gangsta ass @torqueboards shirt!

This is very important.


Correct. It was brought up by a guy who got all hot headed, then we all dogpiled the guy who posted to reddit but didn’t post here. The whole thing was a disaster.

Exactly the opposite of this thread, which is a wild success since the original commenter DID start the post and we retorted in a somewhat mild fashion compared to the drunken post vomit that was the last thread.


Once again, I disagree. Vendor bashing is not allowed because if users inability to mage the dumbassery that ensues. I originally argued against that policy, but time and time again it turns into a bitch fest that only bears a passing resemblance to the original posts intent. I can show you example posts, or you can search them out, but it ALWAYS happens.


My problem with this whole thing is how one sided it is because the people that do bring up issues are banned, or simply don’t want to come here because of how hostile and toxic the scene can be. I for one dont post much because of that…

I love these forums but the toxic nature of it sucks!

Cant we all just be a little less toxic and try to see the point of the counter argument?


@Photorph wtf man, I remember we were getting our first Raptor 1 together with @Mr_Mahal and then also got our first @longhairedboy boards together. I literally saw Mahal in DC two days ago and he had a @psychotiller board. I went fully committed into diy and now I’m building my own boards. How the fuk you went from supporting diy complete to trying to bash them? This ain’t cool at all man. Don’t put yourself on a pedestal and proclaim you’re speaking out for the consumers. Cut that shit out.


I would like to add we are buying small batch experimental gear, have some fucking patience or go by a boosted board. We see you back here when your done.


I get that. It’s understandable. Do have a specific reason to believe that the objective of this thread wasn’t one sided or toxic? To me, it was another perfect example of a single person misrepresenting themselves to seem much bigger than they are.


I was probably still doing Raptor 1 warranty repairs at that point… Oh shit… did i fix some Raptors…

should that be on record too somewhere? I mean a LOT of those got fixed…


Shiiiit @treenutter is typing everybody hide :smiley:


Look at all that room in my garage! Man 2015 was a long time ago.


So it already worked once. Let’s bring back the kittens to calm everything down a little bit :smile:
By the way… what happened to the Care to explain this reddit post topic?


FWIW I try my best to keep the posts on topic and filter out low effort posts. I actually remove dozens of posts every week to keep the place clean…


I’m the mod that permanently deleted the post you’re referring to. The entire post was deleted in a matter of hours. It was closed and unlisted even sooner. I take our objectivity very seriously, so please don’t accuse of us of bias unless you can show it with examples (that are real). If you can, we’ll alway course correct.


I’m right here bro! :joy::joy:

I’m sure you met my sensei and brother @Kaly in Vegas, him and @Mikeomania12 taught me a lot about diy so trust me when I say that board is in the better hands of @BOOSTEDO than on mine. Dude would treasure that girl like she’s he main chick his girl has become the side chick. If that board was in my hand, I would have blown it up one way or another with some crazy set up, and YOU of all people should know how much of a demand I put on my boards.

That said though I knew it was a present from @archee so I asked and got his blessing. In hindsight I probably should have asked you too :sweat_smile:


Holy god do you know how to abuse a board. You and @zpoole27 broke more shit than i thought was possible. He broke so much shit that his board was in my shop so much i just made it part of my site. For a while it was the header image of my store.

@kaly is awesome, and i still need to visit all of my friends in NYC one of these days.


Come to the Bay Area too! (つ ◕_◕ )つ




Guy posts a claim that DIY vendors are scams
People lose their minds
He gets discredited by vendors
The dogs of war let loose
You are here


Come through bro! Me and Tishawn will set up a ride through the mean streets of NY for you. You gon want to stay after that, I guarantee it :wink:


> ono