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Discussion about DIY vendors, delivery delays, communication, and transparency


You were upside down on the build before it started…


This type of post have lasted quite a while since the beginning of this forum, it was much worst back then when all vendors are less experience with less capital and smaller markets to deal with. I am not saying that it’s fault proof, but definitely better. More vendor, more options and better parts more or less.

I am here not as mod, but as a long lasting member of the community. Personally I don’t defend anyone or any vendor as human, we do mistakes we are not robot. Per say 3 from 100 happy customers still quite good customer service. You might hit the lucky jackpot, no one knows.

I know that everyone here in the community, experience builder and so newbie deserve the best customer service and after sales. We want quality parts, delivered fast with no troubles. Trust me we all want the same (both vendors and builders). No man wanted to start a bad business (unless they are scammers), thats all.

The problem I’ve seen by far is that there are points where demands are overwhelming compared to supply. Esk8 is a relatively new market and new business, it’s on a very early stage around 2 - 3 years back. Not so many players especially in the DIY market established high volume capacity. Most vendors are still working manual in their garage. With all due respect, without them there is no esk8. When you’re on the early bird, when VESC didn’t exist yet, you would be thankful that Enertion & Chaka are the very first to bring it in. Although I personally experience bricked a VESC after 5 minutes. That truth hurts, but no way I could justify it. They are DIY vendors working in a garage after all. It’s a risky play in a new market. With all due respect, I also encourage all vendors to provide their highest service to builders as that what kept us here. Reading & looking out for something new.

@Photorph I have personal tips of purchase for you. Before simply adding cart into their webshop, you can always say Hi to any vendors here, ask questions and check their response. That should ruled out few vendors for you already. One way or another, good things comes with great patient. Trust me as a builder my self, I know how it feels to wait for weeks (even worst months) to get our parts delivered to our front door. Yet I think next year, more player and bigger vendor with bigger budget going to flood the market. More options to choose. If you wan to go the safe side, my best bet is to wait and watch. Enter the market when you think it’s ready and not when it’s not good for you.

DIY was meant to be cheap, eventually end up as high cost hobby. You need multiple parts, spare parts, tools, etc. Even if you’re excellent electricians / mechanical engineer, this is a challenge on it’s own. Thats the fun part of DIY :smiley:


Dilly Dilly!!


I bow to your seniority, but I would ban him. This post breaks so many policies and rules of decent behavior I don’t even know where to start. Personally, he said he would send me the proof, Ive gotten nothing actionable and only 4 links.


DIY was never meant to be cheap as far as I was concerned. It was meant to be better.


Damn, ain’t that the truth.


I vote to post this whole thread on the esk8 subreddit.


Reddit needs to hear the truth, rather than bandwagon bashing reputable vendors


That my position. IMHO there are no better trucks than SR TKP’s, there are no better mounts than Quick 66’s, there are no better numies than 6’ers, there are no better thane wheels than flywheels, there are no better decks than Red Ember’s.

None of these are offered as pre-built unless you count @psychotiller custom builds…but its what I want, so I build it and it awesome and fast and dangerous and I dont give a F$#K! :slight_smile:


If you were here, I’d kiss you. and I’d let you touch my hairless smooth hiny. (Thanks to LHB’s black tape)




And, for this threads sake, if you need proof, I rolled the tape back up and am going to send it to LHB’s mom.


Poor LHB Mom, she gets picked on so much, gonna have to her some flowers and chocolates :slight_smile:.


Sorry mike but that is bullshit. The double standard is so fucking blatant. Where were the mods when the michaelinvegas post went up? Oh wait, you were bashing the guy not in the room.

@laurnts has a point that these posts are toxic but so was the circlejerk of a few days ago b


The banning part or when he was giving Dave a hand job?! :joy::joy::joy:


You know that the last thread was closed and unlisted, right? I mean that’s the whole reason he posted this one.


I don’t see that, the policy is against vendor bashing, not dumbass bashing.


There’s always that one guy :slight_smile:


Bashing in general isn’t cool. But honestly, @PXSS who took the hit from this post? Think about it.

All of us.


I’m pretty sure he did not make a single comment in that whole mess.

You’re right. The rules are there to protect the vendors. Fuck the customer.