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Got two punctures due to crap getting in via the big hole for the air valve. Tires themselves were never punctured. Sugru that shit for added security.


Great idea with the sugru, never thought about that. I have at least 2 thorns or something else sticking through the tire which punctured the tubes but it’s not visible from outside.

A couple of days ago I had the idea to mount the camera to the bull bar very close to the ground and machined some ABS sheets.

Finally mounted

I did a test ride but it rattled and I’m not sure yet why but after the ride I realized the threaded insert got out the plastic and I can’t push it back.

I also shoot at bmx course but the video is shaky. I hit some objects and damaged the case for the camera so I have to buy a new case. And the camera should be mounted higher :laughing:


Thanks for posting that video - a very good resource, and after watching it, I now know that my foot straps are too loose. The problem I have is that the brackets are already on the far inside positions. The foot straps were pre-installed on the board when I purchased it and I don’t really want to drill more holes. Maybe they were fitted to the deck to allow for people wearing boots?


I totally forgot about that, barefoot straps should have the brackets more inside. Maybe you can machine some aluminium plates with 4 holes to move the brackets more inside without drilling new holes. On the other side the brackets could hurt if you touch them. You could stick some high dense foam on them.


Would it not be safer to mount the camera on top? I’d be worried it’d get ripped off.


I was going to say that, if you managed to break a deck, destroy a truck and probably more things that I can’t remember, that camera has no idea what it will have to face :sweat_smile:


Right?!!! My thought exactly,


It faced it already and didn’t like it :laughing:
I’ll upload a short part of the video so you see and hear the abuse.

Yes next time for sure it was a bad idea, I quote myself:

The plastic in the middle of where the lens is has a damage, you can see that in the video of skate park. In general the case is scratched everywhere because I like low angles. I’m sure I’ll find cheap replacements on Aliexpress.

As I wrote this i realized this part in front of the lens is mounted with screws and can be replaced, great! That should be cheaper than replacing the whole case.


I had two magnets come loose in a chinese board. Caused an esc failure by loading it up with to much current draw. Managed to get motor and esc replaced thank goodness


if i missed it sorry, but where did you buy the gear drive from?




Like @Andy87 said from E-Toxx, it’s the 1:5 drive with helicals, very silent. Straight cut gears scream so you can hear the power and also people hear you and dogs bark at you :laughing:. Both are top-notch but I prefer the helicals for ghost mode, also the SK8 motors are quite silent in FOC.

BTW the one motor still sounds bad and has a very little play sideways but like @telnoi I just ignore it and keep on riding as long as possible.

It was very cold the last 2 weeks so no riding but today we had sunny 5°C and it stopped raining so it was time to get dirty.

The great thing with a sealed drivetrain is the cleaning part, just a bit water and some minutes later…

Today I’ve tried doing wheelies´, hurtful experience especially on concrete. It looks so easy but it ain’t.


What a transformation :joy:
Pimp my esk8 in only 5min :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And yes I totally agree, wheelies look easier than they are☝️

Did you change anything in your throttle curve to have more start up torque or you just run standard settings?


No changements in throttle curve, I think you would need the raw power of a car ESC to lift the front properly anyway. All the videos with wheelies which I know were not running with vescs.

I just gave a bit more throttle but more tried to get in position by pushing down and then lifting the front foot and lean backwards like on a bicycle. My goal would be to find the balance with the body instead of increasing throttle but maybe I’m just too old :joy:


I’m with you on that one bro. I’m at a time in my life when I want to keep all my wheels in contact with the ground, whether its on my motorbikes, mountain boards, etc. There have been a few times on my mountainboard where I accelerate a little loo fast and I can feel the front wheels starting to lose traction. That was enough for me.
I guess if you really wanted to do wheelies, then it would make more sense to do these while the board is moving, rather than from a standing start.


your sunny is 5 degree mate? please come to Malaysia :slight_smile:


I am going to ride to work on my board tomorrow since it will be a sunny 1C in the morning and I live in Athens - Greece :smiley:


What kind of wrap did you use on the motors? It looks thicker than regular vinyl wrap but looks great!


That’s what I did (or at least tried) and why it hurted more :laughing:, thanks to protectors no graze.

I’m never too old to do stupid things but falling felt much better 20 years ago without hurting bones afterwards. My shoulder sometimes still hurts from the crash in skate park 3,5 months ago. That’s what I meant with “too old” but anyway I want to jump bigger and higher in 2019 and hopefully do my first 360 :grin:

Checked the forecast, 31°C sounds really good but it’s raining and thunderstorm bro.

Brrrrrrrr… didn’t expect it to be colder in greece than in austria, tomorrow here it is up to 9°C.

Yes, it is vinyl indeed but a little bit thicker than standard wrap but not much. It is carbon foil by d-c-fix for about 10€ per roll. I used it on other motors and enclosures, too and it holds.


shower after shredding is nice sometime…lol