DieBieMS v0.8 Batch 3



You are good I am making plenty extras


Hows it going with these? :smiley:


Still waiting for pcb, have some issue earlier. Will post update asap.


@Samau18 what’s going on. My super bulky bestech unit needs replacing…


Just given the go ahead on the pcb v0.9, we can start when it arrives.



A newer revision? Has much changed?


Nothing, just added test points for faster mass production testing.


So @Samau18, do you think there ist still a change to get it before xmas? ^^


Hmm should be done before that but have to consider shipping time. That’s quite a variable, will try to push for completion asap.


No rush from me still ordering parts for a 2nd build


I have a battery waiting for this only. Would be good to get it asap! Take my money :stuck_out_tongue:


same here. :rofl: :joy:


Just waiting for pcb now, order was placed.


The kit doesn’t come with temp sensors does it? @JTAG is there a sensor that you would recommend using? I figured if it’s there I might as well use it!


Would like to join in


Just sign up, making quite a bit extras


I guess signing up is sufficient for the moment? filled in the form for 2 units.


Yeah, will start the assembly soon.


check the main thread, I asked the same, i think its a normal 100k ntc thermistor, but better take a look. Works like a charm

(look for NTC, it will show up)


Hope there’s space left, just signed up!