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DieBieMS v0.8 Batch 3



Here you go: DieBieMS v0.8 2nd batch (Total 48pcs, closed)


Thanks, thats helpful but I need the mounting centres on the holes also.


Managed to convert the solid works file on github and printed it so at least I’ve got a mock up. Bigger than I thought!


Wow, just wow :open_mouth:.


@spesh mind sharing the 3D printable file?


I’ll sort it out tomorrow for you. @JTAG do you want a copy for github?


reprint with multimaterial and 4x bigger :slight_smile:


There is the stl for it, i’ve included some basic instructions too as its a bit of a pig to print due to the detail.


Can I check whether you have me down for one? Thanks.


Yup I see you


Quick update, almost all material have arrived, we are just waiting for @JTAG to verify the new pcb before we proceed with our final pcb purchase.

The only change is to add test pins to the original design, shouldn’t be any issue, just making sure.



Yes, it arrived and will be assembling it asap!


Hello, when should we pay for those?


will invoice when they are ready to ship.


Am I to late to join in on this?


I need to back out of 1 of mine so you can have mine if not able to come in late.


I will have extras made.

Looking for a very specific BMS

Any chance that the connectors can come pre crimped so that I don’t need to mess around with them. Or is there some that I can pre purchase that will fit?


is hard to precrimpt them because we don’t know your wire length.


Hello Samau18

I have just completed my details on your google docs form, hope I’m not to late for the buy in.