Buy FOCBOX Unity

DieBieMS v0.8 2nd batch (Total 48pcs, closed)



Why won’t it let me vote? It says I cannot post in the topic.


Let me ask the thread owner. I can’t post myself also, @thisguyhere did it for me.


me neither


Hey do you have any BMS left? I would like to get one if possible!


Is there a heatsink needed for this?

I might buy one, @Samau18 but I won’t need international shipping if I do (just ship to china)


there is another batch going on right now


I’m getting the ‘can’t post in this topic too’. Weird…


@JTAG Danny said under normal typical is not needed. I am back from vacation, can test on the heat curve/chart asap.


did you already get it by any chance?


Nope, tracking still has it as held by customs since the 10th .
I sent and email to DHL on the weekend to try and get some idea on why its been held captive for coming on 4 weeks now.
Have received no letter or anything asking for for any information or requesting payment or to let me know they have my package hostage.
Just another BS experience with postal service in Germany.


For dual focboxes, I have the canbus connector between them, what other cable/harness will I need (is there a splitter) to connect this BMS to my set up?


Gotta solder it yourself probably.

Unless it somehow is included in @Samau18 ‘s package


yeah, my kit has all the connector necessary to connect 2 vesc via can.


Awesome, I guess I need to take a look at it again and make sure I understand it! Thanks for everything!

I’m still working on my deck right now, so electronics have all been shoved in the corner until I’m ready!


Has been almost 4 weeks and my BMS has still not arrived and all tracking can say is it’s held by customs.
I’ve tried e-mailing the postage carrier to get more info and got no reply.


Yeah, quite annoying for me too :/. @Samau18 could you contact the company you shipped it with? Or is there any other way?


You’re still waiting for your BMS too? Samau had mentioned that he has a number of people in Germany complaining about customs so how many other people are still waiting then?


yes, germany too…


Shipped it via Hong Kong post. Not much I can do from my end if it is custom related. User (Germany) from first batch said theirs did arrive after a long wait.


I have received it very quick(German as well), took about one week until i got a letter from my customs office(Zollamt Dettelbach) 15.08 sent, 24.08 picked up at the customs office paid 20€ tax all good… lucky me.