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Dickyho 5M 36T / 40T flywheel pulleys on ebay


@dickyho Any update on Kegel caliber compatible pulleys?


17mm 44t abec pulleys x4 please and thank you!!!:laughing::sunglasses:


I think he wants 17mm wide like your normal ones for 15mm belt. @PatRocks ?


Most “15mm” pulleys are 16mm wide and most “12mm” pulleys are 13mm wide, et cetera. The @dickyho pullies have an extra millimeter compared to most, so the pulley for a 15mm belt is 17mm wide for 1mm clearance on each side of the belt. So technically they are 17mm pulleys.


Thanks @b264 & @lrdesigns !

@dickyho , let me know when ready!!!


still waiting for the Kegel arrive to me…


44T pulley already on production now, will available in about 3 days.


I had to modify my pulley to give more clearance on surf rodz mount. Thought I would share.

If you really want maximum clearance for different setups I would remove the area in red with a 45deg shamfer. And personally I would like to have some more bearing area in blue to have two bearings in there if desired.


These must have changed, because I was easily able to fit three bearings in them with speed washers in between them.


I’m not sure they have changed. The rendering is just a design proposal by @dickyho as many people wanted more clearance or their axel was too short.

I like the old design I just want more clearance near the end. The red chamfers.


No, the product still havn’t changed, remain as the same. do want to try to do it in you way for the next bunch

for the 17mm pulley, 45 degree shamfer is ok, but not ok for the 12mm one. and must use shorter screws in this way, the screws must not get out of the shamfer


Based on the quality of the motor mounts I bought from you semi recently this looks great as well. Have you considered for the next batch to make the inner diameter of the wheel pulley 24mm or more? I own the torqueboards 218mm trucks and what I run into is that pulleys need at least 24mm to clear the thickness of the hangars.


22mm is perfect for bearings. In about 2 minutes you can do this on TB218 truck hangers

Did you try that?

Leaving it 22mm helps it be compatible with other truck hangers besides the TB218


@dickyho have you gotten those 44t abec pulleys yey?


Hi. yes, I have 44T flywheel pulley now.