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Detuning VESC acceleration from BLDC tool



Has anyone played around with decreasing the acceleration rate from BLDC tool? I recall there is a way to do it but my Google fu isn’t finding what I’m looking for.

I played around with Backoff and Ramping, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. I need to setup the board for some beginners.

Thanks for any help or pointers,



Try chnaging the max erpm in motor control settings.

24,500 erpm will get you a very nice 20-24km/h great speed for learning,
From there 36,000erpm is 30km/h good top speed and 18,000erpm and amp limit at 20amp will give for a very basic board 16km/h not huge acceleration power.


Try Startup Boost value


Thanks, I’ll try both of these approaches and let you know how they work out.