Buy FOCBOX Unity

Deck quality/price


Even some mediocre boards cost 180+€ here. Gosh darn.


UK is pretty good for used longboard parts.

I just got a LY wolfshark for $20 shipped. The guy who sold it was selling like 5 other decks for around the same price


It’s a Paris baseplate and Chinese hanger I hacked up and drilled to fit a 12mm axle.

The reason for the bad hanger is I didn’t wanna ruin a good Paris hanger. If all goes well with the rest of the dd I’ll get a cnc hanger/truck made up

And if all that goes well I’m thinking about selling some diy dd kits for builders to keep costs low. It should be good for those of us that like to make our own stuff rather than buying :slightly_smiling_face:


I wouldn’t suggest it. The way I see it, you will be strapping a lot of money worth of electronics on to a cheap piece of plywood and launching yourself at high speeds on very unforgiving roads. Plywood isn’t made the same way true skate decks are. There is a lot of filler and subpar quality wood in plywood. A lot of times all the grain is going the same way.

With an actual deck, it’s solud wood pressed to more solid wood. They alternate grain direction as well to help the board flex under stress with out breaking.

Hit up @Hummie, buy one of his decks, don’t waste anymore of your time!


Agreed. Spend the money and you won’t regret it.

After buying a blank deck for my first regular electric longboard, I broke it in a week just pushing over some railroad tracks. Imagine if I would have used a deck of that quality with 5000W of power on the rear trucks…

I am sure most of the time blank decks are just fine, but it is not worth the quality control risk. Just go with Landyachtz. I don’t think I have ever heard of a single quality control issue with any of their decks. Better safe than sorry.


Nha that’s totally rideable. It’s just a mountain board now :joy::joy:


Which deck was that blank deck? PM me if you don’t want to call them out in public.


Yocaher was the name of the company. Some real trash I paid ~$40 for.


Gotcha, I’ve heard of them. I was worried for a second, since I just ordered a skateshred deck. Thanks for the info.


In my experience, blank decks are blank decks. Whatever company is selling them didn’t matter.


I guess I’ll see what happens. I will be designing a drop through backing out of 1/4" aluminum to go on the bottom the deck.


Until Sender Skates gets ahold of them, then they turn into a unique piece of art that’s strong and functional


Not necessarily a majority of the companies that make boards in the US use tite bond 3 for the glue. And you want to have Hard Rock Maple grown in the cold climates of Canada and cold states of the USA.