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Deck quality/price


I don’t have the pic anymore but someone here has a full aluminum deck with weight holes

I was thinking routing a slot for a thin bar of hard steel down each side and some aluminum plate from the trucks to the steel…it’ll add some weight but it should be offset by the crater for the electronics…I think

Slight issue is it might just split the board into strips under stress



Check out GMR longboards. It is pretty damn cool and gets my wheels turning. Mentally that is. Pun unintended.

Don’t you have one of those @chaka? :wink:


Yeah man, it’s my favorite DH deck!


Its just an aluminum spine between the trucks and deck right? And do they make long boards because I didn’t see any


Yeah, it is an aluminum spine built into the board. Functions like a chassis, makes you wonder how you ever lived without it after riding one for awhile. The pro tucker is still considered a longboard but it is tailored for DH racing. There are some older models that are longer but you would have to find one second hand.


Is it reasonable to replicate the spine on a 40" drop deck or is there something special about it?


Haha, I dont know. Drop deck kinda defeats the purpose of the design. What are you trying to get out of your board, some added stiffness?


I want to be as low to the ground as possible so I’m gonna core out the board and have a super slim enclosure so I don’t get beached everywhere…but that also means my deck is a wooden box and will probably fall apart…I’m wondering how I can get it to stay together


Get a Hummie deck :wink:


Second it, or rather 3rd or 4th it(as I see few others have suggested the same). If you plan to get a cheaper deck and hollow it out and then reinforce it, then be ready for more surprises. And it might end up costing more…


How much is a Hummie? $125?


As Chaka said moonshine tucker pro will be the closest to what he has… there is a cheaper model at 190 bucks…if you want cheap we’ll get use to junk and be ready to replacing that board very often and watch how much you save … your best bet is what @b264 suggest … that is probably the cheapest nice looking deck never mind it’s tallored to eskate…


You digging a hole dude this game isn’t cheap and to do this you need lots of experience be ready to throw the cash away… lol just the cost of materials to ski it is over your budget almost. Never mind tools and deck…


You could make your own deck from ply wood and route out the middle and then add fibreglass. It works I’ve done it, I haven’t had a chance to test it yet though.

Idk how long it will last but it was cheap enough that if it doesn’t work it doesn’t really matter


It’s really tempting to do that TBH


Here’s a pic, not done yet. I still need to fibreglass, make the lid and finish the DD. Will probs chuck a single belt on there until I finish the dd as it might be a while lol.


Just buy a used deck



What rear truck is that?


Wish decks were that cheap in europe