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Deck Hook Quality


They gave out an update on KS mentioning the poor quality of few samples… I think mine arrived today at the office but I won’t know how good they are until Monday… I think they will replace the faulty items, just email them.

But honestly @Mikenopolis, your sample is terrifying really. It’s missing basic QA, not even QA, just at a glance one would see that is horrible. Hope you sort it out!

We just wanted to let you know that a few of the Deck Hooks have had imperfect stitching on the 2 straps. As this is handmade and it’s a new product, a few units may have this issue but many users have received their deck hook and its working great. Also a couple of customers are having trouble mounting the Deck Hook on to V2 Boosted boards or boards with larger trucks. The arms of the Deck Hook are made of steel and can be bent by hand to fit slightly larger trucks if necessary.


This seems like cheap chinese crap if you look at it. This hook should be slightly wider to be a true universal hook and they should straps looped around the metal bracket with some over under strap tighteners and it would be fixed. I’m glad I did not back this item as it looks like there willl be alot of items going back in for replacement


The nipple is attached to the strap by screwing two parts together. I unscrewed the other one and it took less than two turns to take off. With more force I was able to turn it four turns which means the factory was too lazy to make two extra turns.

Also look at that plastic. It so thin and just another thing to fail down the line even if the strap is fine


Repaired the hook with a new nylon strap. Decided to used this buckle thing so it’s adjustable and need no sewing. Used a soldering iron to melt a new hole and screwed in the nipple. Total cost was a little over $2.


See now that looks like a quality item which as you show it doesn’t take a lot of money and they could easily have prevented that.


Im REALLY insterested in this product, but quality does seem a concern. I contacted the company’s support team, they claim to have acknowledged and solved all the QC related issues. Has any of you tried a Hook from the last batch and can testify? Thanks!


It’s very likely the company will tell you anything just to get you to send them money. I would stay away from the Deck Hook like it’s a rabid monkey with terrible gas. It’s clear the engineering goal was to obtain money and not make a quality product.


Im backer #60 haven’t even received mine yet…


I’m #657 and recieved both of mine. I would contact them…


Yup, I imagine that, I still love the concept and want to believe they didn’t completely ruin it, that’s why I’m asking :confused:
Not buying it, until I see a V2 or a good clone


Still have not gotten the revised one to date


I got mine… quality no good… stitching is all over the place… i wont hang my board with it without modding\repairing the stitching… it looks like it would rip the moment u put weight on it


I really should follow your example: quit bitching and just fix the damn thing lol


You should charge them back for it and tell them they can pay to have it shipped back. And not support any more crowdfunded ventures


I also received one where one magnet was just barely hanging on to the strap and contacted them and they sent me a replacement which arrived last month and that also seems to be built with questionable quality. Don’t think I will even use these and risk my board falling…


Im so glad i got a refund from those guys… it was a struggle but it did get it in the end.


Just do what I did above. Unless they went that route, it’s prorbably gonna be bad quality


I found a dog collar on clearance today. It makes a perfect adjustable strap just cut off the D ring side, use lighter to seal the end, then melt a hole to transplant the clasp nipple thing.



Got yet another deck hook replacement today. I’m happy to say, they have finally made the necessary changes to their product.


Need help idk if i should buy one if they made any improvements to the hook