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DAVEga: Battery monitor, odometer, speedometer


@janpom thanks so much for incorporating all my feature requests and doing an awesome job of both software and hardware. :clap::clap::clap: Average cell voltage is really helpful for me. :ok_hand:

There is one feature sorely lacking though, when your going faster and faster and then the speed number turns red, I think it needs to shoot lasers out the front to create a virtual highway and play HIGH WAY TO THE DANGER ZONE really loud! A red glow under the board might be nice too but that’s more of a personal choice. :laughing:



that was really a great idea with the average cell voltage.
just installed V4 yesterday and set it up with average cell voltage.


OK, I’m adding that on the backlog. :smiley:

I see I should adjust the formatting for total km once it gets over 999.


I will make the avg cell voltage the default in the next version. I personally prefer it too and I believe that most people have a better intuition of how a single cell voltage relates to the SoC rather than the total battery pack voltage.


yeah, there is a weird half a character after the 4th number. Oh I see its a . decimal and part of a another character.

Personally for total trip distance I dont need any decimal place just whole KMs.


Yeah, I’ll just switch from 1 decimal to 0 decimal once the count gets over 999.9. I hope that 9999 is then a reasonable max. I think it will have to overflow to 0 after that, just like the good old mechanical car odometers. :smiley:


Anybody playing around with a flushmount screen for a top box enclosure? If not, I’m about to start. I don’t have my davega assembled yet though so I don’t have button spacing measurements.


“1E04” is 10,000
“23E3” is 23,000
“13E3” is 13,000
“6E06” is 6,000,000
“9E99” is 9,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

et cetera

So you could go all the way up to nine-tenths of a googol that way in only 4 characters.


@b264 OK, now I’m having hard time figuring out whether you’re trying to be genuinely helpful or you’re trolling or it’s a mixture of both. :slight_smile:


1E04 would have to indicate “somewhere between 10000 and 15000”, which honestly doesn’t seem very helpful. I personally would much rather have it overflow. :slight_smile:


Nha he’s jsut tryna help out with presenting big numbers in 4 chars


hehe you can display the value in hex :slight_smile: FFFF == 65535


You guys remind me of our UX team. :smiley:

How about this, though: We let it overflow but we change the color after each 10,000. It will start white, then change to yellow, then orange, then green. See the pattern? And after mere 80,000 you gain your black DAVEga belt! The minor downside is that the meter gets slightly hard to read at that point. Also, the black DAVEga belt will be somewhat harder to achieve in US/UK, which is just another evidence that the metric system is superior! :smiley:


If you can succeed in convincing my fellow citizens that the metric system is better, I’ll buy you dinner. It’s mainly the construction industry that’s holding our entire country back with that crap.


@b264 is Vulcan, make what you want of it!


Hey @janpom what is your future plans for the info screen?


I find the font size so small that it’s quite hard to read, I would rather less info in larger font. Some of the info is duplicate of what is on the main screen so that could be removed. Current speed seems not useful as you can’t look at this tiny text and read it while riding.

There are two bits of info I was really looking forward to having on this screen, Battery max & min/regen amps. Are these hard to implement?


I can definitely make the list of items and the font size configurable. I’ll look into the battery amps. Shouldn’t be hard to add and I agree that’s a good piece of info to have.


My first iteration is done! Once I receive the waterproof buttons I ordered I’ll make a nicer one but this works for now. Easy access to the programming port, and I can adjust the viewing angle if I need to.
Now if the post office would just let me have my battery enclosure I could do test ride in the next few days.


What the hell is this? An eskate for mars?

Those tires are out of this world!


Thanks! Yeah, I keep getting that. I have the beginnings of a build thread for it but it’s taken a while to get it all together.