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Daily Driver V2.0 | 35° HOLYPRO TRAMPA | VERTIGO TRUCKS | APS 6384S 170KV 4kW | FatBoy Inner Gear Direct Drive | 12S | Custom ESC


That bag is dope, only things I’d change is to add an internal support structure with wheels and handle do drag it around. When I put my board, charger, power supply, battery, safety gear etc. inside is getting really heavy (like 30-40kg or so), and I look like I’m carrying cadaver inside :joy:


After I finallize the build I am thinking of making wooden box with wheels and supporting structure maybe even fiberglass


A bag where the wheels pop out on one end for pulling


Yeah, something like that would be perfect.


Have you tried a snowboard bag?


I needed big bag as I need to put all the cells, and other hardware together, so snowboard bag would be too small, but this bag is more than enough for shipping several times a year.


Guess what has arrived


Hi, guys sorry for the lack of updates. After coming back I put all my resources into finding an apartment and moving it so after settling in I am returning back to work. Today I received the new inner gear direct drive train and swapped my old gearbox with this one.

The gears after 600km look pretty decent as they there running without any lube or etc.

and here is a magic box :smiley:

Went for a small ride because it was raining hard as *** so first impression 10x lower noise from gears sounds pretty similar to belt driven. Much smoother ride, acceleration and etc… Feels way much nicer and safer for some reason. Strangly whole board was covered is mud and water but gear and around it was dry…

Inner gear direct drive gearbox

Ok so apparently the angle of the photo look bit shitty and looks that motors are near the ground :smiley:


I love to see that you also tried the inner gear version!
The only “disadvantage” I see in a direct drive is that the clearance is less.
Do you think a direct drive on ABEC 11 - 107mm is possible?


I don’t really see a problem with clearance as you don’t drive on the borders so only the center part can hit something. The smaller wheels will have a problem. It’s possible to make but then the gearing will be way different more like 1:3 or etc to make it smaller



Sounds awesome, weather has been really shit the past few days.
There’s a meet in Hyde Park on Saturday at 12:00, it’s posted on FB. You coming?


I havent heard but I will try to come :slight_smile: Can you drop a link or etc?


Esk8 UK London Meetup
Event for eSk8 UK (Electric Skateboarding)
Saturday at 12:00
2 days from now
Serpentine Bar & Kitchen, Hyde Park, Serpentine Rd, London W2 2UH

Not sure if you need to be in the group to see it.

Group links below:


Bahhhh Saturday?!
My hotel overlooks Hyde park and Im flying back to Straya tomorow arvo!!
Just picked my board up from Trampa too! Although she is missing all of the go-fast bits for now


So apparently one of my VESC died of DRV error, so now I am getting FocBoxes in our dual case with mounting plate for Trampa deck :slight_smile:


Not tempted to try ESCape? @stewii makes them and is based in UK


Not really, I have already my own ESC designed just need now to order PCB and parts and then see how it works :wink:


Hi, could you share a diagram or photo of this power supply pinout? I would like to turn it on and control the fans. Thank You !