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Daily Driver V2.0 | 35° HOLYPRO TRAMPA | VERTIGO TRUCKS | APS 6384S 170KV 4kW | FatBoy Inner Gear Direct Drive | 12S | Custom ESC


Loctite is your friend


I know, it was temporary to see how everything works and then later on put everything on loctite :wink:


Finally fixed everything also added mudguards to the end the front will need some new part to mill.

General Discussion

It’s just too tempting :+1:


always perfect :stuck_out_tongue: love it all !!
Just your mudguards should (maybe) be on the other side of the wheels (at 2h instead of 10h on the profil photo). To protect you, the rider and not the road back at you :wink:


:wink: look where the mount is…


Looking good!

What MOSFET drivers are you using for the ESC?


I think these ones can’t tell for sure UCC27210


This is how mud-guard is made :joy:

It starts as a bucket:


Cool idea but it would look so much better in red or just black. Red Ferrari look that would be it :smiley:


Yeah, I know… But for now it will have to do, maybe in future I will try to order some buckets in black from China


Those tires literally lifts everything I went riding through asphalted road came back like I went through forest offroading :smiley:


Or you could just paint it…


On this plastic paints dont stick it’s really shitty plastic


Not even if you sand them and use primer?


Don’t know will need to try it out but I highly doubt it it’s this kind of plastic to with nothing much sticks


Just finished front mudguards will go for the last ride in here and then I am taking board apart and preparing for shipping back to home to the UK :wink:


Board off to home (UK)


I think this is the first time I’m seeing what the bag looks like with a board inside. Not bad!


It’s not only the board, the wheels doesn’t fit so I needed to take them out, then all the batteries in lipo bags are taped to the deck, and all other components in polyester and other bits and stuff is inside.