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Daily Driver V2.0 | 35° HOLYPRO TRAMPA | VERTIGO TRUCKS | APS 6384S 170KV 4kW | FatBoy Inner Gear Direct Drive | 12S | Custom ESC


Yep, it’s milled from blank of POM :slight_smile:


12t pinion 60t wheel


Don’t really much matter about shrinkage :wink:


Almost finished, the only thing left is to modify the hanger a bit to fit snuggly. Lacquered motor hall sensor PCB for true all-weather capabilities.


OMG those look amazing


Will be also anodized the same as VESC cases so it should look really sweet with those red tires… I will need to get another pair of red tires and those carbon hubs for the front wheels or maybe I will stick with front black don’t know yet.


WTH! I am so tuning in…


So yeah, drivetrain is kinda of finished. Now is the electronics for test drive is needed.


So did you CNC the Hanger in the end?
Also do you use a bearing on the large gear like Nowind does?


You should put wire mesh around the phase leads and sensor wires to protect them from damage


Nah, some action with the file was enough to make it square. Yes, you can see a pocket in the images.


It’s just temporary, for the test drive the gearbox. This VESC is underpowered like a lot :slight_smile: But have some decent protection on the wires. Have everything setup on the vise and running smoothly, just need to remake a baseplate for different angle because the motors are touching the board end.


I think he is talking about expandable braided sleeving.


Yes, I understood :slight_smile: I will be using bit different in final build.


Today finished mounting everything and had the first tryout on the snow outside.


Now I just need to find a case which would fit inside 25cm x 22cm space…


@Kug3lis Just excellent work… you made your own direct drive (sounds very similar to Jenso’s – love the vid and drive noise btw)… your own vesc.

Is your FATBoy a hw6.4 clone? Are you selling it? what are you plans? You have a lot of stuff going on. Or is this all just for science?


The gear is just beautiful.:heart_eyes:


At the moment it’s VESC4 in case, my own ESC is still in creation stage PCB is at home, so next year will be some action with it :slight_smile:

Yeah, mine FatBOY is kinda based on hw6.4 but has no DRV and I guess I will write my own firmware if I have time. If it will work fine and there will be demand I guess I can try to make it for the sale.


I have been riding my board every day for like 12km to get used to handling it as it feels completely different from my old board. I would like to go further but its really cold here and my feets even in winter boots get cold pretty soon :slight_smile:

Yesterday, I had a problem, in the middle of my route I started hearing the strange sound from gearbox my first thought was something came loose, so I turned around and was going back home on really slow pace to not damage until 4km until home I heard a loud noise and one wheel completely blocked, but it wasn’t blocked as fully blocked it could sping like 90% of its turn and then something was bloking the gear so I had to lifet back side (the heaviest side) and pull it back home on feet was not much fun :smiley:

After taking apart, I found out that set screw on motor gear was loose and another one went missing I was searching for it inside the box but couldn’t find it until I picked everything apart and found it stuck inside the gear…

Minimal wear on the case, the scratches on the big hole was because of miss aligned fitting of the gearbox on the truck, and small because gear came lose and slid on the keyway.

How to remove thread locked pulley on motor?