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Daily Driver V2.0 | 35° HOLYPRO TRAMPA | VERTIGO TRUCKS | APS 6384S 170KV 4kW | FatBoy Inner Gear Direct Drive | 12S | Custom ESC


Hey @Kug3lis what are the dimensions of that 6384 motor? Shaft length and motor length?


Hey guys finally some progress on my mechanics!

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Another quick update straight from workshop. This is baseplate for mouting on the truck and motor mount.


Interesting. Are you going to be machining the hangers like @Nowind?


Yes, it’s needed because the end’s of hangers go steeper.


Why not CNC your own hanger? :sunglasses:


It’s possible, but how much material will be wasted… Imagine you start with a rectangular blank of aluminium and you take off 70% of it





Here is finished hub mount


I’m so jealous of your Datron. Those are so nice! I love their vacuum table setup for parts like this.


Todays action


This is looking awesome. I wish i had access to this kind of equipment :cry:


Here is finished outside case made out of POM for the gearbox


Just finished the spur gear


Very nice! Presumably cast aluminium is used for normal trucks and forged for precision, this is what makes them so expensive


How do you rate POM? I was interested in using it bolted to ABS, wondering if the shrink rate is the same ~1%


what is your gearing bro?
15t pinion
60t wheel


How are you getting access to this equipment? Acetal need an expensive 3D printer




If you look carefully you can see som milling traces on the POM parts too. So probably milled and not 3D printed