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It seems that you have way enough XT-90 connectors for your build !


Yeah, was a good deal so why not :smiley:


Where did you get them ? And what price ?
I ordered a few from Aliexpress to get them cheap. I like that yours are black though, it looks better.


Was a deal on HobbyKing a pack for 0.80p (1$ pack)


Ah f* ! I ordered some batteries during black friday/cyber monday but didn’t see that deal. Well, I hope my Aliexpress ones will be good enough.


Small update, created a board for connecting four packs in parallel + 2 temperature sensors per pack


and some 3d modeling for battery coppartment. (The gray stuff is battery pack, white in between is foam for insulation and protection)


Yesterday, my power supply arrived

Found a perfect cable for connecting power to it (PC PSU power cable taken apart)

Now I need to figure how to turn it on and control fan speeds :stuck_out_tongue:


I dont know about fan speeds, but to turn it on you just bridge 2 of the pins on the ATX connector. The ATX connector should be on the back, but not sure as I cannot identify the power supply. Look here…



It’s not ATX power supply :wink: But yeah idea I have to find a pins which turns it on and pin which accepts analog voltage in for FAN


I think that is an Eclipse hybrid power and signal connector. They are supposed to be the most robust and high life cycle connector available. Ive never actually seen one in real life, but looks interesting. Maybe this can help you find the info you are looking for… https://3o9g5a3i56xc3au70w1rfrdv-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/M06U-NC_Eclipse.pdf


Wow, thanks man for the brand… I was really curious though of making an adapter to connect it but did not known where to find maker of this connector (If tell the truth I did not looked up much for it)


No worries, just helping out where I can. FInding the other side of this connector is probably doable, but will be expensive. If you can figure out what pins operate the power on/off function I would consider making a connector to bridge those to pins with a rocker switch. That will save you some money and be more reliable most likely. I’ve done the same exact thing with ATX power supplies on multiple occasions.


In the end I guess I will just connect power wires into the screw terminal inside power supply that way I will have best connection


If you really want to push the 1000W Reaktor i’d suggest using 24V or more to power it. My 650W 12V Dell Server supply can push around 370 Watts on 12V with an ISDT Charger, i will soon switch to two of those power supplies in series. But maybe you can adjust voltage on yours, i know some server supplys can be adjusted to 10V over their nominal voltage.


It’s not for reactor :slight_smile: It’s for my BMS reactor is just temporary solution until I finish BMS. Plus I am getting DPS5020 so I can lower voltage for it and still use this power supply.


Got power supply to start up now just need to figure out how to control the fan speed (Supposedly through some pins also)


Why are you building such an oversized power supply?

Did you work on the motormounts already?


It’s his power supply and esc lol


It’s not really oversized. I am looking for 1C charging so 24A, but currently will be limited to 20A as I will be using DPS5020 for CC but in future then I will figure out how to CC at 40A will be doing it for quick charge under 40min :slight_smile: This power supply has way higher efficiency in comparison I guess 80 plus platinum level and it cost only 39€.

About the motor mounts they there waiting for new CNC machine to arrive, as it arrived several days ago I guess next week then I will be back for holidays they will be done by then.