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Custom KOMODO Decks


Thats perfect!

How many ply’s did you go with on the final one? I’m going to start pressing decks soon in my garage, its always exciting to see how other people do it!

I want to try my hand at a eMTB but I’ve never had my hands on one!


Right? I couldn’t believe they quit making such a nice deck! I think if I can get interest in like 6 or so I can get the veneer for a decent price. That’s the only limiting factor is I don’t have a good place to get the veneer


The first one I did 7 plys of Canadian maple and one sheet of powerlam so 8 total but it had the stiffness of a 9 ply. I think I’d like to try using more cross band sheets this time to cut down on the stiffness


I’ve never heard of this stuff…research commencing.

I was wondering about how well just maple on its own would stand up to the abuse eMTB’s go through.


Check out roarockit if you haven’t already. They’re great for doing one or two decks at a time.

That’s where I got the veneer and powerlam for the first one. The maple they sell is pretty damn nice, I think 7+ plies would hold up well to hill bashing and rough terrain


I was going to buy through them, but I found a company that its about 3 hours from my parents house, about 11 hours from me. They will give me what ever combo of veneer I want for a really good deal. I wonder if they have the powerlam stuff or something similar to it.

I just need to figure out the shapes that people like on eMTB. Seems like there are only a few brands that everyone sticks with around here. Did you just hand make your template or were you basing it off of something else?


Nice! Mind sharing their info?

I drew up the template in autocad based more or less on the mbs pro 90 and adjusted it for a forum member who asked for a custom version of it. The press makes the regular pro 90 shape, but it also has room for extra features like a 7” kick tail and grab handles.

I think the biggest thing to pay attention to about the shape of a mtb deck is the tip angles and what kind of trucks you want to use. The design I’m using has 20° tips which is better for tkp trucks like the ATS 12, where the popular trampa decks are 35° which is more suited to channel trucks. The la croix deck is 30° I think and that seems to work well with matrix 2 trucks that use elastomer shocks instead of springs.

My personal preference is for the low profile 20° tips tho, it just looks mean and sexy at the same time

Plus you can always wedge the tips after the fact to fit different style trucks


20 sounds like the perfect spot. I’ll have to think about that!

Yea, let me pull up their information and I can get you in touch with the people that I bought mine from. You can request different sizes and different ply lay outs too. Shipping wasn’t too bad either.

PM me so I don’t forget!


New Dylan Warren is supposed to be coming out this spring!


@venom121212 I don’t have faith in anything until there is a ‘buy now’ button when it comes to website business. Personally I’m more keen to get one from someone within the community, and I much prefer the Komodo spin on these anyway.

I wish MBS was a bit more esk8 focused, but I understand they already have traditional MTB pretty seated. I got excited when I saw them pop into the forums but I’m not sure much came from it.


Honestly couldn’t have stated that better myself. I love their designs but MBS is constantly out of stock and rarely a presence on this forum. See the future guys. I really like the komodo deck above at the 20° angle. Buuuut I really love @itsmedant too and want to support his project as well. Guess I’ll just have to support both community innovators :man_shrugging:


I’m no where close to making a MTB deck! Hell, I just got one half of my mold blocks planed.


Shhhh. I’ll also take two. You said ready last week right?

(Am I doing typical customer expectations right?)


Yea, they were ready last week but then something random that has nothing to do with us happened in China, which caused a 9 month delay in me even thinking about making the decks!


Dude you’re a natural.


But you can totally pay me now…

That’s the cherry on top!


I’d be interested in a Komodo mtb if the Dylan Warren II isn’t released by mid February, not going with a Trampa deck because they don’t have the hs11 anymore and refuses to sell a non holed holypro. I’d be interested now, but even though I did the focbox unity preorder. It looks like they grouped me into the 2nd batch, which seems to be around the time of the DWII release.