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Custom built battery packs in Australia 10s4p 30Q Evolve upgrade or DIY


Hey which extra packs do you have? 10s4p or 5p? If you still have an extra pack I would be interested in it! Would you be able to ship to the us?


It would be cheaper for you to just buy straight in the US, cheaper and faster shipping


Ahh ok. Thanks for the info


Maybe a silly question, but what is the 3rd connector (the small red connector with a small AWG black and red wire) Whats its purpose? how is it wired in?


the little red plug? that would be the charge plug. red wire goes to the same spot as the main red wire and the black on the bms


Oh! Ofcourse! So is the BMS wired for charge only? Is that why the red goes to the battery and the black to BMS? Or is it a different kind of BMS than i’m used to (like a BMS that takes in both Charge leads)



its for discharge as well. you’ll notice in the last pic there are three black wires for the bms. fairly normal as far as i know.

on charge only packs, both power leads go straight to the plug and i add a second negative wire, same as the little red one, for the bms.


Do you ship to Romania? Thank you


You would be better off buying from eskating.eu as it’s cheaper and faster for you. Australia is a long way and the currency conversion is shit


Thank you very much ! I’ll contact them.


Hey @TinnieSinker I live in Bris and looking for a 10s5p LG HG2 pack to be built for my CGT. What’s my chances? I also have a mate with a Bamboo that suffers from horrible sag and he might be keen on a build too if that has any additional appeal to you… Marsen sent me to you as you’re more local.


Hey man, I’ll start building again in the coming months but at this stage I won’t be taking orders until January.

I don’t have any HG2’s in stock either, looks like @Marsen is your best bet :+1:


No worries mate, is there much involved in installing a 10s5p myself? I figured if I had any trouble there you would be a better choice as you’re local, but if it’s a simple job maybe I can get him to send the pack to me.


If you’re ok with soldering large wires, it’s not too hard. Though getting a 5p in there is a really tight squeeze

@Pokwer how are you going with that riser? Can I recommend it to people yet? :grimacing:


Potentially interested. Can you pm me?