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lol the url is at the top between the bottom 2 links that changed properly… no idea why your link didnt show the same but it is still there…


Ben makes top quality enclosures

And the hummie deck is great quality


@mackann hey markus.

Just what will this dual 6374 board cost all in to the uk? inc or exc import duty


There is also (uk based). But be carefull with them…
Their 12s6p and 12s4p for instance are advertised incorectly. I already have told them at least twice but they didn’t change it.
the Battery’s mah …Also the price is rather competitive for a 12s6p 30Q

I’ve ordered a 12s6p a few weeks ago and asked to have Samsung 30q cells like they advertise on their site. First they told me it was ok. They even proposed to give me one of their battery boxes for free…

1st mail:
It will be 30Q Samsung battery rest assured.

We cannot be sure if can fit your box. But we will supply a box with the battery so you can order either 4p or 6p.

Yes we will start production as soon as you place order so can finish usually within 10 days.

You can order via the website either 4p or 6p.

mail i received 8 days after they have recieved my payment and had already confirmed multiple times it was ok:

With regard to your battery order the price we charged we will make a loss so we cannot produce for this price. The exchange rate of the £ and all our costs have gone up recently this order also include extra parts. The shipping cost is also over £120 as it is large battery.

we would need to charge another £100 we appreciate if this is not acceptable but it’s the only way.

Result: i still haven’t got any battery and lost a few weeks because of the refund that was ongoing , the fact that i had to find another battery builder etc…

So i learned that :
Scramboards only delivers 30Q if you clearly ask it (even though they clearly mention that their battery is made out of 30Q cells ,which isn’t true at all).

The information they provide via chat and phone is totally different

The positive note is that they refunded quickly but on the other hand the refund was held by Paypal for about a week.


you clearly wont have similar isues when buying stuff from @okp unikboards or


whos @okp ??
what boards does he make?


@okp is a pillar of esk8 and we recently found out he’s also at least 1/4 gorilla (hairy toes).


Look up his videos on YouTube and also those from @nowind. You won’t be disappointed