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Credit card and Enertion


I would have liked to order stuff from @onloop’s website (enrtion) but my credit card is refused. I guess it’s because it uses Visa verifiying system wich paypal also refuses. However, I manage to pay using this same credit card on hobby king. Do you guys have a solution ?


I believe this matter is best to consult directly with Enertion support or PM @onloop individually.


Contact enertion support on their website, don’t PM (Enertion owner) Onloop…

Jason just had a baby, and has hired staff specifically to handle things like this, so you won’t get a reply from his personal account, but will by emailing them on the enertion website.


Yeah I already sent them a message, hoping for the best


It’s probably declining from your CC company, you should call them to authorize the charge.


Mine also declined initially (fraud alert), but after approving charge with bank and resubmitting, it went through.


i’ve had similar - where they just auto-decline for some random reason. Really pisses me off when it’s consistent with my normal spending, from an IP in my area (home/work/etc.), and they just shut it down. Sometimes i get the fraud txt/call and confirm “yes i was trying to buy “x”” and then it’s all good, but othertimes its a PITA to unlock my CC.