Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

Consolidated Black Friday 2018 List


Damn! Alright, all of my builds that use Riptide bushings will be full price…Talk to Brad.


i cannot give this post enough likes.


On that note…

I’m too lazy to look but who has the best 12s battery pack sale at the moment?


if @oriol360 /Miami electric boards does end up having a 15% off sale I think they have the best price


@Money pitbull!


@Ixf Feel free to also add 20% Metr Pro discount to the list to celebrate’s 2 Year Anniversary + Black Friday. You can find more infos about it here:


3dServisa :man_facepalming: It’s 3DServisas written in url :smiley:

Terms in topic:


will do… dammit now i gotta get a few… been fighting it


Will add to top. Thanks!


@Alphamail Perfectly understandable. You didn’t need to explain yourself. Your company/family has customers for life as long as the Heisenberg formula stays


I can’t decide if I should get two 6378s. I hate sales. Makes me feel like my wife at a shoe store.





Ahhhh the ol’ esk8 reddit hug


Good thing shopify is solid :smiley: 7 minutes into the friday…


Yeah. But I’m pretty sure Ruroc’s following is much higher. I wonder how many people it took to kill it. I’m still trying


Well if you combine whole shopify (tenths of thousands of shops :slight_smile: ) and ruroc its like :smiley:

Related image

But I wouldn’t be surprised ruroc runs simple small web server


What about MBoards? :troll:


I’m just the product guy so I’m not familiar with the details of shipping to Hawaii.
Contact (Bri) and CC (Ryan) and they’ll sort something out for you. Or just give them a call - +1 719 884 1000 to talk through your options.
Good luck!