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Connecting a BMS Quick Guide [How-to]



I have just finished wiring up my BMS and i tried charging my board with it.
Everything seemed to be working, the light of my charger turned red and my battery indicator showed that the percentage of the battery was going up.
But then my battery indicator reached 100% but the light of the charger did not turn green. Is my BMS still balancing or what is the problem here? I am a little worried to overcharge my battery, so i unplugged the charger for now.
Or is my charger never turning green, because my ESC consumes power from it, because the ESC and the charging port are wired in parallel?


Most bms just balance when reached 4.2v.
Plus check if your battery indicator is set to the right voltage. Usually they multi voltage indicators which need to be set to the right max voltage.
If you have a multimeter you can check the actual voltage of your pack to make sure all is good.


I have 4x3s batteries in series and am wondering which balance wires actually connect to the bms because there are 4 coming out of the battery but only 3 are used??