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Configuration and telemetry for VESC [iOS, Android]



Pretty cool feature, thanks Roman!:star_struck:


The announce feature is great - just made a short drive to test.
Its very nice to hear the battery status.


I tried the announce feature quickly, and it announced speed in kmh instead of the mph imperial measurement units everything else. Is this user configurable yet?


Thanks for reporting, this is a bug! Fixed and pushing v3.4.2 update today. There is no additional configuration needed, the current System from Settings is used.


Anyway this feature can be used for Notifications, more specifically charging?


Yes it can :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I didn’t think about this use case, but why not. If you turn off “Only when moving” and it should work!


Lol I’m a dumbass , I was wondering how to get into editing mode and tried swiping it, thanks man !

  1. is this compatible with Focboxes?
  2. is enertion coming out with an ios app?

  1. Yes
  2. Ask enertion :wink:

  1. dope
  2. k


Thanks. One other quick question, is there a way for you to add wh/mile calc to the metrics displayed (or announced), yes easy calc but one that I check live via other apps during ride to see how efficiency is going (real time and avg calc)?


Yes it is a good idea, but I didn’t figure out yet what’s the best way to announce wh/mile. I guess the best way is to average to something around 5 seconds. Or?


That is a good question, I had assume a rolling weighted average of 5 seconds or so, but lets see what others with better ideas suggest!


Is the a fault finding post some where? Had a search around but not finding much.
I have the modal conected to the master but all data says 0 and doesn’t change no battery voltage or motor amps. Expecting iv missed some thing I need to check to enable communication.


Just want to confirm that modes dont work with ackmaniac 3.102? But works fine with 3.101 and 3.100?
Using the old module and not the pro.


Couldn’t you just divide consumed Wh (Wh - Wh regen) by distance calculated on tachometer ?


I would love to have a widget that shows me how much KM of range is left in the battery assuming the power consumption of the actual trip. And also to get this value as speech info.

Is that an idea?


Just divide consumed Wh by distance is a simple and easy solution, but it gets a bit boring after a while, because you don’t see any changes over time. When you use a floating window (for example 5 seconds) then you can see / hear how the consumption is changing depending on what you are doing

@rene this is a very nice idea, thank you :slight_smile:
@Bjork3n modes should work with 3.102. If something is not working, please report it, send logs etc. etc. :slight_smile:


Great thanks for the quick response.
Then I will install the newest ack fw :slight_smile:


@rpasichnyk Hey Roman, is the metr records server down? I can’t manage to upload any record, just making sure the problem isn’t on my side