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Configuration and telemetry for VESC [iOS, Android]



@rpasichnyk, are there any plans to include data from e.g. the DieBieMS, (which is can-bus capable), this way individual cells could be monitored/logged.
Or maybe as a more general option create a feature to subscribe to custom parameters with a settable CAN-id and field


It may already work, albeit in a slightly primitive manner.

You’d need to set the can fwd to point to the DieBieMS, open the terminal in metr, then type in “cells”. That should ‘in theory’ return a list of cell voltages as a plain text response. The DieBieMS supports a subset of VESC commands, so many apps will just treat it as if they are talking to a VESC.

I agree it’d be nice to see some specialised support for the DieBieMS in some of these apps. I’m not sure how final the DieBieMS message interface is though. May be worthwhile waiting to see what jtag does with the DieBieMS Tool.


@webst up to 4 cells now available on Apple Watch
@Pimousse “cell voltage” item added
@Silverline I agree about more user friendly way and will try to do something about it :slight_smile:


@rpasichnyk I got a few Metr Ori and hit one up and running quickly, they are great.

So I am running vesc6 with ack fw 3.1. I am able to get iOS apps running esk8 vesc, telematics and metr. But for some reason not perimetr, which does not even see the ble chip. Is this a fw problem? Even though th metr does fine job of baud rate hopping/negotiation, I did flip between 115200 and 9600 just to check but no success with perimetr. Any pointers on what I am doing wrong?

Also, on android I am able to get metr working fine but not perimetr and unfortunately not ackmaniac vesc tool. Ackmaniac app sees metr chip but is not able to propagate fields in the main screen as vesc not recognized. This was a problem once before wit metr chip but was simple baud rate fix which does not work this time. Guidance on what to try, or do I need to change fw?



Under iOS I need to kill another app using BT connection to Metr (regular) to use another app. Have you tried this?


my Perimeter also doesn’t work. But im not sure if it works with Metr Pro.
It is integrated in Metr though:


I forgot to update Perimetr in the App Store (will do). But as @bevilacqua mentioned, use Perimetr integrated into Metr. Open Modes Tab and click on 3 dots above. All in one app.


@rpasichnyk thanks for the continuous updates and more values on the Apple Watch.

Is it possible to fix modes to work on @Ackmaniac 3.102? When writing a mode it just hangs and fails to write the new limits (on original module). I would really appreciate if you can fix this, 3.101 had a bug and most of us updated to 3.102 but we lost the sweet modes feature.


@rpasichnyk Do you know any way to fine tune the G-Metrix tune in VIRB? My record is almost in sync, but the minimal interval that it allows me to sync is 3 seconds


Did you try to use those small arrows? They help to achieve perfect sync

@egzplicit the problem is not really in the app, but in the firmware. He changed PACKET_RX_TIMEOUT from 1000 to 50ms (https://github.com/Ackmaniac/bldc/commit/9d86699b72938cd2fef94d7e43ae4546d13c8913#diff-2e0b1c4c38062090ba1ff05dab9f7e49), which is why write motor configuration packet times out. Can you change it back to 1000, recompile and test?


Yeah, but only the ones in the video side work, the ones to move the data don’t change, I will se if there is an update



Any ideas on the telemetry errors… I’ve had a few with high times but this is the worst yet…


What FW are you running?


App just went in to sleep in the background multiple times. Rides are lost… Shitty Android Oreo… All battery settings in favor of the app and optimisation off. Unusable in its current state


Ackmaniac… metr on iOS


Cool about the apple watch update… thanks.


about “End of charger voltage”… it’s nice feature… but how it will work if the skate is turned off for charging?
when my skate is off the metr is not connected, and on the other side, i don’t want to connect the metr directly to my battery so it will be on all the time… what you think?


Some of us use Bestech BMSs with an integrated Eswitch that has to be turned ON while charging. So it automatically becomes a nice gimmick to have.

Either you let it at 0 or you charge with the board powered on.


That didn’t work, but I exported the PNG sequence, imported then in Vegas as a movie and synced the manually, way easier, don’t even need to import the video in VIRB, just the G-Metrix, now its perfect down to the millisecond


awesome :grinning: hope we’ll see what you got!