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Configuration and telemetry for VESC [iOS, Android]



The app is still crashing randomly. Wanted to see my ride just a sec ago, unlocked phone and tried to open the app. ‘Metr crashed’… this is getting really annoying.


Log file please and the time when it crashed (approximately)


Feature request! New board setup, when the app detects a new module/board, would love to fill in some ride stats to start with.

“Is this a new board or would you like to fill in existing information?”

So I can put in the old info from my old module when the new metr pro arrives and also add km’s from when I got app crashes. Easier to track totale distance ridden on board.


BIG NEWS :slight_smile:
Perimetr is finding it’s way into Metr. Together with the ability to change App Configuration!


and some small news, it is possible to edit the stats
@Yecrtz @i2oadsweepei2



when’s the update?


The search bar is an amazing feature !!!
Well done !!


Woopwoopwooooop editable stats, thanks man!


My update requests:

  1. editable records (ability to delete parts of ride that show erroneous data that makes one of my trips 65000km long and messing all the stats - erroneous data is already marked red in the chart, just discarding it would be enough)
  2. ability to store data in icloud for multi device sync (ios)
  3. quicker apple watch refreshes (if possible)
  4. ability to select more than 2 position to display on apple watch


What funtion finaly it have this change, I don’t understand this kind of change. Why I wish change stats all time?


@rpasichnyk is it planned to adapt a version of VESC TOOLS on IOS (ipad or Iphon) to be even more nomadic, via the BLE metr.pro?


Check this out


Hi Manu, the VESC-Software uses the GPLV3-License. Open Source and Apples App-Store policies are not compatible and probably never will be. So you will need to invest into a tablet or phone running Android, being Open Source friendly.


@webst thank you, all valid points. I am trying to fix apple watch slow wake up problem. When you raise the wrist, it takes a couple of seconds to display current data, because watchOS is somewhat restrictive and suspends the app when you are not looking at it (unless it is a workout session). I need to find a way to keep it running in background.


Nice features :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I would still like a more user friendly way to organize the info screen. Drop down menues, insted of that titles thing, floating on each other.


Feature request Sir Roman :

  • Add the cell voltage label.

Since I switched to 12S, I’m not able anymore to quickly calculate the average cell voltage based on the total voltage. Could you add this info ?

Also, while helping @Manu39 to debug his app, we figured out that french translation is really inaccurate. We had to switch his app back in english to find the proper settings (mine is kept in english to avoid that).
Few years ago I worked on a racing timing app that used Getlocalization website.
Each time the dev added a string, we (contributors) could propose a translation for it.
Very powerful tool for multilingual app. :wink:
Maybe it could help.


Thank you for the suggestions! Unfortunately some translation were contributed a while ago and since then a lot of new strings came out, which I simply translated using Google :blush: I am more than happy to accept better translations! I just created a repository with the latest translation files https://github.com/rpasichnyk/metr-translations and some instructions. You are welcome to make improvements!


Nice! Also, as a ‘new’ value, show realtime wh/km usage.


Nice ! I take care of french one :wink:
@Yecrtz I second that also :slight_smile:


hi roman,
there is any way on apple watch it can show more then 2 types of details,
i can defind only 2 only to show on real time, it will be nice to see more information on apple watch even if it will be small font because there is small screen…


Hi, is the perimetr code incorporated into metr? Does this mean I can remove perimetr from my phone?

Loving the updates!