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Configuration and telemetry for VESC [iOS, Android]



You will need to swap RX and TX since JLabs only has one variant of the connector


Thanks for the quick info! Will the colors of the wires be the same? Seems like a pretty quick fix


First test of iOS version with GPS accuracy of 0
its an iPhoneX

strange numbers


Looks similar what @Silverline had, but more extreme. Can you send me log file rpasichnyk@icloud.com? Ah, but it was 2 days ago, so in order to fetch the log file, you need to connect your iPhone to Mac, run iTunes Connect and open Apps -> File Sharing. Because the log you get in the app resets every day.

Actually I have an idea what might be happening. Bear with me.


Still lots of instability on Android Oreo with latest update. App crashed 4 times during my ride yesterday. Eventually android changed the message ‘metr stopped working’ into ‘metr keeps stopping working’. Never seen that happen. Lost data every time.


Hi, a bit out of topic but I got a Question.

I will be using the Nyko Kama Controller as a Remote, wil i be able to still use the bluetooth module or do they share the same Header on the board ?

Sorry if this question already fell here I couldnt find it^^


UART or PPM? If PPM no problem, if UART then they share same port and you could use dual VESCs connected with CAN. One for telemetry, second for remote.


The Nyko Kama is not using PPM so I think it must be using UART then ?! :smiley:

I am running a single Motor Setup and wont invest into a dual setup in near Futur.
(Im 17 year old working for my Money^^)

So there is no way to use both ?


No that I know of. You could always go this low cost way:

It’s PPM and reliable but trigger style and not pretty. Keep in mind that “Two products are sold separately”.


Use that remote for all my boards. Its great.


Thanks, i already got the Nyko Kama and like its features.
Maybe ill try it some Day^^


Never had any dropouts with these remotes…


Yet remember that those features cost you telemetry and additional perks like power presets :slight_smile:


Did it crash approximately after 15 minutes? It would be helpful to look at the log file, please send it to me.


Hey @rpasichnyk last update fix the multi vescs detection but it looks like the whole app is now freaking out, doing many updates a second. The numbers just refresh like 100 times a second on the screen and the stats are weird as well. Just a 10s spin on the bench and I got this:

It looks like values are refreshing way more often that it used to, like the update cycle is 100 times a second or so.


Sorry about that. Was it the last update or the last last update? :slight_smile: Check v2.2.64, check your Misc → Update Interval. If the problem persists, please send me the log file.


True :confused:


All good now, thanks!

Was modes fixed for 3.101?


Yes, Modes should work with 3.101


The last update fixed the dual vesc detection for me, need to test in a ride

But metr crashed after the ride and lost the today status plus the record made today, the record was already stopped for 10 min

Also since I lost the record I couldn’t check if the mismatch between vesc and gps still persists or was solved in this update