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Configuration and telemetry for VESC [iOS, Android]



Hey man. Just got back in the game after riding a while without module. Carvon board is almost finished so I took it for a spin. Installed the latest firmware 3.38 available on the focboxes and have the latest version of your app 2.2.56 running on the latest version of android 8.1.0.

Started a record and drove.

Checked multiple time during the ride if there was still a connection and there was. However, just when I arrived home. No ride in the app anymore. Only the start button…


@Yecrtz try those 2 steps:

  1. Go to Android Preferences → Battery and set ignore battery optimizations for metr app
  2. Go to metr app → Settings → Miscellaneous and disable “Use wake lock”.

Please report if that helps.


Did a successful test ride now. However, there is no speed and distance in the record.

Also checked permissions, app has them all.


What does it mean exactly? Can you upload the record? Go to metr app → Settings and toggle “Use Location” off and on again. Also disable “Prefer GPS”, if you have it. Or maybe you have “Upload location” disabled?



I have big problems with my metr app lately…

This is from a test ride today… look at the Amp. this is crazy numbers, and not true, my avg. speed is also only 1 kph… and topspeed 21… all those numbers is not true ?? I have a Android One mobile with android 8.0.0 and newest security patch…

My two focboxes is not connected via CAN-bus… in the metr app “multiply data” was enabled… Does this do something for the amp reading, when i´m not on CAN-bus ?


No, “multiply data” does nothing when CAN is not connected. For how long have you been having these issues? This looks superbad… What happens if you force close the app, power down the VESC, turn back on everything, and just spin the motors on the bench while looking at the current and speed, do you have these weird values again? About speed, and the map… looks like you have 2 GPS points total. Bad weather today? Do you have “Prefer GPS”? Turn that off.


I will try to turn “prefer gps” off… But i think thats not it…
Yes it`s really weird…,


The duty cycle looks kind of OK. If you turn off “Prefer GPS”, the speed will closely relate to duty cycle. But the currents are crazy, and I think this is just some problem with VESC reporting inadequate values. Try on the bench. If it still looks wrong, try with USB cable and check VESC Tool realtime data. I am pretty sure you will see same artifacts.


Hi @rpasichnyk, mind you to answer my question? I would like to be able to use your module in my oneplus 5t with Oreo, do you have a release date for that?


When will the perimetr and metr be one?
And to use it I guess it has to be over canbus?


Having the same location problems as you. Also on oreo, 8.1.0.
Just a straight line to some random end point with prefer gps off. Prefer gps on does nothing at all.

Android 8 problem maybe?


I Hope so… Do you allso run stock Android, straight from Google ?


Almost stock Android. OxygenOS on Oneplus 6, just a couple tweaks here and there.


I hope this get fixed :smirk:


@rpasichnyk on latest version the app stopped detecting two vescs and changing modes only change a single vesc:

3.100 firmware on focboxes, before it was working fine. IPhone X, latest iOS version.


Soon ™️

Unfortunately I do not have release date for that

@Silverline @Yecrtz I think I fixed background location problem, but I don’t have Oreo for test until next week. I pushed an updated version 2.2.58, give it a try, there is a small chance the problem is fixed now.

@egzplicit thank you for reporting this bug and pointing out the exact place in the log file! I am submitting a fixed version to App Store for review :+1:


Oiiii sweet just updated. Going for a test ride now!


I Will test Tomorrow


Seems to work now. App crashed one time on the newest version. Second attempt was successfull.


Alright, finally taking the leap of faith since this appears to be a proven app and has an Apple Watch function (just ordered from @JLabs) . I have a vesc6, are there any differences or difficulties that I should be worried about?