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Configuration and telemetry for VESC [iOS, Android]



It was always somehow unpolished for me. Unless you cannot set lower and upper limit and have your percentage scaled accordingly why even bother with percents when you have voltage?


I’m stupid, never used the sort function, i must have tapped by mistake, it was sorting for oldest to newest :roll_eyes:



Just did a test run on your newest fw, it looks like it’s working perfectly fine now on Android Oreo… :grinning::grinning:


Need update to fix modes on 3.102 plz :slight_smile:

It’s always a race against firmwares!


1h 16m to go…


Thank you everyone for speculations :slight_smile: You have amazingly nice ideas!


Got an app crash today on a >15min ride. Ride back worked. Will pm link to log file.

Latest version of the app.


Do know anyway if we could reverse our board just like we accelerate it with the remote itself. If yes, could you please explain me how to in details.


@Surfer, I’m now able to connect HM10 to an Android 8 phone (I had to lower to 9600 bauds because of my (useless) voltage divider I have to remove, but too lazy).
But, I did the same upgrade to a (HM11) module on another build but no luck to have it recognized by app.
I set UUID and name up to match the previous settings (before upgrading).

So I screwed a module up… :worried:

What did you do for having it working after firmware upgrade ?


Sorry if I didn’t explain well enough, my English is quite short.
I did not touch the firmware on the BT module, only on the phone.
Downgraded to 7.1, the phone was able to see and connect with metr module and fully working.
Later I upgraded to Oreo 8.1 via OTA, and surprisingly I find it still working.
Good luck with the module, bring it back to life! :wink:


The app is still crashing randomly. Wanted to see my ride just a sec ago, unlocked phone and tried to open the app. ‘Metr crashed’… this is getting really annoying.


Log file please and the time when it crashed (approximately)


Feature request! New board setup, when the app detects a new module/board, would love to fill in some ride stats to start with.

“Is this a new board or would you like to fill in existing information?”

So I can put in the old info from my old module when the new metr pro arrives and also add km’s from when I got app crashes. Easier to track totale distance ridden on board.


BIG NEWS :slight_smile:
Perimetr is finding it’s way into Metr. Together with the ability to change App Configuration!


and some small news, it is possible to edit the stats
@Yecrtz @i2oadsweepei2



when’s the update?


The search bar is an amazing feature !!!
Well done !!


Woopwoopwooooop editable stats, thanks man!


My update requests:

  1. editable records (ability to delete parts of ride that show erroneous data that makes one of my trips 65000km long and messing all the stats - erroneous data is already marked red in the chart, just discarding it would be enough)
  2. ability to store data in icloud for multi device sync (ios)
  3. quicker apple watch refreshes (if possible)
  4. ability to select more than 2 position to display on apple watch


What funtion finaly it have this change, I don’t understand this kind of change. Why I wish change stats all time?


@rpasichnyk is it planned to adapt a version of VESC TOOLS on IOS (ipad or Iphon) to be even more nomadic, via the BLE