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College Beater Board


Well I tried to hop on the wood insert bandwagon… I guess Skatan and Home Depot didn’t like me last night because the first two inserts I tried broke when I grabbed them out of the bag…

So… I ended up drilling, my least favorite part of esk8. It didn’t turn out too bad, and since my wheels are blue on the back and black in the front I actually managed to do the same with the locknuts of the enclosure (kind of proud of that).


Board is finished! It’s by far the lightest I’ve ever built, just one 6S1P 4500mah battery and no BMS, Torqueboards 12S Controller and 6350 motor. It doesn’t go fast, but it climbs medium hills and it’s super easy to stop and unplug the key in a second when I need to. Also the voltage meter I ordered was smaller and brighter than I expected, the pictures reflect that. I’m using an old VGA port adapter for balance charging that I bought from Miamielectric quite a while ago. Also the battery revived itself back to health, all cells within 0.05 volts (which makes me happy!!)


Awesome. :sunglasses: Quite simple and neat build. Not everything needs to be a rocket ship with 50 mile range.


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